While most seem to like the new MINI’s design, there have been a vocal minority who haven’t gelled with it. By far the biggest complaint that we’ve heard about the new MINI Cooper S is its protruding lower chin. It’s a design element that’s meant to give the car a more aggressive look and harken to the aggressive air inlets of rally and race cars. However it’s safe to say that not everyone sees that in the execution – especially with chrome trim added or in lighter colors. But there may be an answer that doesn’t involve simply buying a Cooper (which doesn’t have the “chin).


As you can see in the above image, the chin is actually a separate piece from the larger bumper. Conceivably this would allow for a replacement for the chin that’s less protruding and likely more classic in look.

Could this be an opportunity for the MINI aftermarket? We think so. But the big question is how should it look? Let us know the answer in the comments below. And perhaps, just

but tell us what you think in the comments below.