gmb5YyfaFGThe folks over at MINI Space are having a contest and you’re invited to participate. Get out the crayons, submit your design and it could end up on display at BMW Welt (BMW World) in Munich.

MINI Space is hosting an event in Germany October 25 and 26 dedicated to exploring the latest innovations at the forefront of design, fashion, technology and mobility. This is where you come in. Go to the MINI Space site and download a MINI template, then print it out or tweak it with your computer to fill it in, then upload your masterpiece for consideration. The template is just the outline of the MINI with a white center. It’s up to you to give it life, liberty and the pursuit of you-ification.

Some submissions are already available for viewing and if early results are any indication, there are some pretty creative minds among us. Here are some examples:




According to the MINI Space site,”The most voted designs will be transformed into a work of automotive art at the MINI Space event, using them to completely cover the Community MINI.”

So even if you’re not an artist, cast your vote for your favorite design and it could come up the winner. As of this writing there are only 13 days left to enter and fewer than a dozen entries so get started now and good luck!

Complete details can be found at the MINI Space site.