The MINI Cooper S E will be fully revealed right here on Tuesday July 9th. 181 hp electric hot hatch has been hyped like no model since the original Countryman and is expected to be heavily featured in the brand’s marketing presence.

2020 MINI Cooper SE – The Specs

What’s the range? It’s a question MINI has been very sly about answering thus far. However based on sources and some of the early feedback from test drives we believe we’ll see a conservative estimate if around 120 miles from the 2020 MINI Cooper S E. The i3s derived motor will have an output of 181 horsepower motor and 94 Ah with a 33 kilowatt battery. Interestingly the 441 lbs battery is a 96-cell lithium-ion from CATL and not Samsung. We’re told this will allow for quicker charging and has also saved in component cost.

The entire electric drivetrain is designed to for fit more or less where the standard ICE unit is on standard MINIs. MINI USA representatives have told us that, while the engineering investment was relatively low, MINI leveraged the engineering prowess from BMWi and then knowledge that has been built up over the past decade in EV design.

One of the outcomes of this change from ICE to electric is weight distribution which is now 50/50. According to those who have driven it, this allows the MCSE to behave at the limit slightly differently than a standard front wheel drive F56. Off the record we’ve been told that this all electric Cooper S could for the basis of an excellent autox car.

The MINI Cooper S E recently caught undisguised at an NYC photo shoot.

2020 MINI Cooper S E – US Availability

In the US we’ll see the MCSE at dealers in “early 2020” according to MINI USA. MINI has hinted at pricing being similar to an automatic Cooper S which is typically around $29,000. While it won’t compare with EV leaders in terms of range vs price, it will offer a different level of driver engagement and design compared to the Chevrolet Bolt or the Nissan Leaf.