Last year a British company called Swind released it’s own full classic Mini electric. This year the same company is releasing a crate “motor” and kit that will transform any classic Mini into an electric one. At its heart is what Swind is calling¬†the highest power-to-volume ratio¬†of any automotive electric drivetrain, weighing just 110lbs while producing 107bhp.

The kit can be yours for £8850 or approximately $12,000 and can be bought direct.

classic mini electric

What makes it special? Like all electric cars, the change moves the center of gravity further down while adding more immediate torque. And surprisingly it’s pretty much plug and play. The kit includes the motor, specialized brakes and new CV joint housings that connect to the original drivetrains.

Given MINI’s pivot into electrification it’ll be interesting to see the rise of classic and even early new Mini electric conversions in the coming years. And perhaps even from MINI themselves?

Classic electric mini Classic electric mini

Classic Mini Electric by Swind – Full Specifications

Power (kW):                                                        80 Continuous / 120 Peak
Motor Type:                                                         Brushless and permanent magnet
Max. Motor Torque (Nm):                                136
Max. Motor Efficiency (%):                               97
Peak Efficiency Motor Speed (rpm):              8000
Max. Motor Speed (rpm):                                 10500
Transmission:                                                     Single speed, helical gears
Oil Capacity (l):                                                   0.75
Transmission Ratio:                                           6.332
Max. Nominal Output Torque (Nm):                861
Max. Nominal Output Speed (rpm):                1658
Apparent Overall Inertia At Output (kg.m²):  0.35
Powertrain Assembly Dimensions (mm):      441 x 384 x 228
Classic Mini Kit Mass (kg):                               70.1 (Dry)