The MINI Aceman is our first look at the new MINI design language and its range of next generation cars. This is a bold new step for the brand that leans into both driver experience and digital experience as core to the brand. All of this is wrapped in a minimal design language that is a radically departure from the retro futuristic aesthetic that MINI has relied on for two decades. And now we have our first real-world photos of the concept.

The MINI Aceman – The Future of MINI Design

But first a little recap. While the word concept is in the title, rest assured this is a lightly disguised version of the forthcoming electric MINI Aceman crossover coming in 2024. There are design details we won’t see (that funky fabric on the seats) and some we will (that massive circular display).

The biggest theme here is reduction – something Oliver Heimler, Head of MINI Design, has been forecasting for years. Along with the clear and reduced exterior and interior design, the digital user experience, lighting and even sound reimagine what’s possible in terms of driving experience.

How Big is the MINI Aceman?

In MINI’s words this is a crossover version of the iconic MINI three door hatch. In other words it bridges the gap from the new electric MINI hatch and the forthcoming (larger) 2024 MINI Countryman. What that means to us is that the MINI Aceman is almost the same size as the original R60 MINI Countryman at 4.05 meters in length, 1.99 in width and 1.59 in height. Inside it promises to be even larger.

Read more about the MINI Aceman and why we’ll likely not see it in the US market here.

MINI Aceman Concept Hands-on Gallery