The $50,000 MINI

This just seems wrong on so many different levels:

[ 2005 MINI Cooper S Hatchback/$47,568 ]

Via DaveZ

Written By: MF Reader

  • Ian F

    This car was at MOT 2005. Visalli (Prestige head mechanic) drove it up from NJ and was giving Prestige T-shirts out of the boot. Definitely an impressive display of no-holds-barred optioning!

    I wonder if it will include the “This Car Climbed Mt Washington” bumper sticker…

  • http://motoringfile.com Gabe

    I know this is totally my opinion but I just can’t get over how terrible it looks with those gorgous JCW 18″ wheels painted black along with the wheel arches painted silver. By painting those arches it visually raises the the beltline and decreases the stature of the wheels and where they are positioned on the car. It somehow makes the MINI look like a very ordinary small car.

  • http://www.outmotoring.com Aaron Cornaby

    hmmm….1600$ xenon lights, 400$ stripes, 3K body kit? and how much money are the making on all the stuff they replaced? It’s not being thrown away, that’s for sure….

  • The Blue Canary

    I have to agree, painting those lovly wheels is just a crime!

  • Kurt Gillespie

    Wow… overkill if I’ve ever seen it… and I really don’t like the color combo between the paint and wheels…

  • RB

    UGH………IMHO. Not worth a trip across US, for me.

  • benzamg

    I love my MINI and all but nearly $50,000?? that puts things into a new perspective…

  • phaedrus

    What, no nav?

  • TSizemore3

    What’s the phrase that comes to mind… something about a fool parting with his money …

    The sad part is that someone will probably pay their price.

  • Adam

    Not to mention the miles already on it.

  • JohnDough

    What? No glove box organizer?

  • http://bravo5.org/blog blalor

    Egads. And it already has 4,000 miles on it! No thanks.

    The price is ridiculous enough without the breakdown. $96 for plug wires? $289 for a boot handle? ROTFLMAO!

  • http://www.bancroftsonline.com Sean Bancroft

    I think the look of the car would benefit tremendously from some good DARK TINTING. I think the car just lacks balance.

  • http://bravo5.org/blog blalor

    Hey, they didn’t charge for the air scoop grille! They could probably tack on another hundred bucks or so for that.

    Those driving lights are hideous…

  • http://www.alldigitalnyc.com drew

    i’ve been up close with this car – i get all of my jcw work done by vasilli at this shop. he is amazing – as is the dealership. but for the life of me this car just escapes my level of understanding. i’m all for the jcw bits, but it just LOOKS bad! never could quite wrap my head around why one would paint the jcw wheels black!

  • http://www.myminiparts.com Pete/MyMini

    “There’s a sucker born every minute”…P. T. Barnum.

  • greg

    Yeah those wheels suck. All that stuff and no H.K. or interior chrome. They only charged about $1000 for the suspension though.

  • Iain

    This is great! I am going to show it to my wife to demonstrate what a great deal my 04 MCS JCW was and how much more I COULD have spent…

  • http://www.michiganmini.com Ryan

    Umm…I think I’ll take an M3 please.

  • RB

    I just noticed the lights……..HUH………are they an EverReady product?!!

    I’ll give $18,500 for it, cash, today, if they, paint it all red, re silver the black rims and if they lose the lights. They ship to California their cost.

  • Brian

    The rims gots-ta-go

  • http://www.motoringphotography.com David Bunting

    Reversing the exterior color scheme makes all the difference in the world:

    All PS with black JCW wheels and Tartan Red Cloth/Panther Black Leather – not so hot

    All black with silver JCW wheels and Tartan Red Cloth/Panther Black Leather – definitely hot

  • meanboy

    This car has been on ebay twice recently. No bids were placed and the buy it now price was 47k and some change.

  • Jeff C

    What, no NAV? Cheap buggers…

  • morknmini

    Perhaps a happy result of this concoction will be greater appreciation for the MC40 series.

  • Dustin

    Yeah… all that and they didn’t even add the Alarm System?!

    And it is way unbalanced looking. Maybe a black roof? (besides the whole wheel issue)

  • http://homepage.mac.com/jsagaria/PhotoAlbum12.html John Sagaria

    Hey.. Easy on the comments!!! I paid $45,785 for my mini, but got a totally different car.

    I would have been over $50k but did not get leather (I like the 2 Tone) and did not get the 18″ JCW Wheels (Too expensive), I spent it on Nav, Stereo, Alarm, JCW etc. I love the car, Mine has 3500 Miles on it, and it just feels great now. My only complaints are the run flats are rough ride, and the software for teh Nav System is not great.


    I bought mine from Prestige as well, they did a great job on Service, the sales guy was a flake though.

    i have seen this car. The only good thing about the black wheels is it hides the break dust.

    i really don’t like the way it looks, but i guess someone will. It is on Ebay because they are probably having a hard time selling it on the lot..


  • Bilbo Baggins

    “I know this is totally my opinion but I just can’t get over how terrible it looks with those gorgous JCW 18″ wheels painted black along with the wheel arches painted silver. By painting those arches it visually raises the the beltline and decreases the stature of the wheels and where they are posititioned on the car. It somehow looks very normal.”

    Gabe, I do not think you are alone on this. It looks the pits. I think they would be lucky to move it at $37,000. Wish they were sharing the drugs they are on because they must be pretty good if they think it is worth that much.

  • JAG

    Money does not garantee good taste.

  • JAG

    …but it would help in my education so I can spell correctly guarantee :(

  • meanboy

    “Hey.. Easy on the comments!!! I paid $45,785 for my mini, but got a totally different car”.

    Nice vert. Is that with tax?

  • CA

    A customer of mine paid $56,000 for his Cooper S convertible with MINI Mania motor kit and all the goodies. This is the fastest MINI I have seen yet. I would guess the car to be pushing 270hp with all the stuff. The car is lowered a lot and has willwood brakes on it. This guy spared no expense for this car.

    Just thought that I would let you know that there is a market for $50,000 MINIs.

  • nrkist
    Just thought that I would let you know that there is a market for $50,000 MINIs.

    Total North American population: 3 Average Annual Income: $1.7M Average IQ: 68

  • ron

    wheels suck, i’d have wheels with spinners before i had those

  • http://bravo5.org/blog blalor

    wheels suck, i’d have wheels with spinners before i had those

    Hush! You’ll give the guy on NAM looking for 20″ wheels ideas!

  • Nicholas P

    actually, it does have harmon kardon (look at writing on speaker grill)

  • http://NAM swingMCS03

    I like the black wheels (but not the cost). I would love to get my s-lites powdered coated black.

    I believe this is an absolutely ridiculous amount of money for this car (especially with the mileage).

  • Max

    I recently took delivery of a Cooper S and my car had the privilege of being parked next to it when it arrived at the dealership :)

  • Nick

    It’s easy to price a MINI on MINIUSA well beyond $45K. Easy.

  • http://www.jonodove.com Jono

    Did anyone else notice that all the cars with aero kits at that dealership had the fender stripes painted too… they might have the number one service tech in North America but their paint shop either hates masking or REALLY likes the look of the painted fender stripes…Personally I don’t think it looks all that great… nor does the 50k mini….


  • http://minimotoring.blogspot.com Mierin

    That price is ridiculous. And let’s face it, they made the car pretty ugly.

    You can get a brand new 2005 JCW MCS with all of those options (except for the garage door opener) for less than $50,000 Canadian. Are they kidding?

  • meanboy

    “Just thought that I would let you know that there is a market for $50,000 MINIs”.

    How many have you sold at this price? I hope you realize one sale does not make a market.

  • Greg W

    Well if they can’t sell it they can detune it back to stock. Like most things customised, it is only the guy who does it that appreciates it the most. My dealer won’t do this because the cars are harder to shift and owe them more money. That is what MINI keeps telling us – because of the large choice of options very few cars will be the same. And how many MINI owners who get JCW kits fitted take home all the old bits they took off? So there must be a a standard supercharger, brakes and cylinder head somewhere.

  • Osmodious

    Wow…I’d be a little wary of getting THAT much work done at that particular dealership. They NEVER fix anything on the first visit, and some things never get repaired at all….they ARE, however, very nice to you. But, bring a car with all that special equipment to a dealer that can’t even repair a loose driver’s seat? Not likely.

  • Melanie

    Ugh, I don’t like it at all. No special “bling” to it, more like a “plop” as in…oh never mind.

    The usually wonderful JCW wheels lose all their visual drama on this car with the fugly black paint…no nice shiny 18 inch wheels filling up black arches here; more like big black holes on the corners of the car. Sheesh.

    So who at the dealership thought this was an eye-catcher? Does Vasilli mix plaids and stripes?

  • Mike L

    I think the worst part about that car besides the wheels are the driving lights. They look so cheap and tacked on. I’m not a fan of the aero kit, but that’s my personal opinion. I just don’t like the “tacked on” look of a lot of the things. When I finally am able to finance an MCS I sure won’t have mine looking anything like that.

  • Dave

    Hey… it doesn’t look so bad! maybe if they didn’t paint the fenders, got rid of those driving lights, and some of those tacky badges on the front air dam… it’d look ok. I have no idea how much 50k in the US is, because I’m from oz… so i can’t comment on that. And a last little note… i reckon the black powder coated wheels look pretty good – although once again, would have looked better if they didn’t paint the fenders and if there was a matching black roof/stripes… anyone painted their s-lites black yet…? i’d love to see what it looks like!

  • Longo

    There is/was a similarly priced/equiped car at Mini of Cincinnati. I could not believe that anyone would plow that much into a Mini. I saw the car around July 1, dont know if they sold it … if you out there … happy motoring.


  • http://www.nemini.org GMINI

    This car is put together by the manager that raked me across the coals for asking a compensation of a jcw 210 upgrade for the horible delivery they visited upon me (botched jcw install and rushed procedure). Coals as in banishment.

    The car is ugly. Money does not buy taste.

  • https://secure.mawebcenters.com/wc/sd_websites/spirit2/ O(=^=)O Capn

    Those wheels really make the brakes look so small.

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