MINI Convertible Sidewalk Officially Debuts

MINI will be unveiling a new addition to its Convertible range at the 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), when it presents the Sidewalk model for the first time on January 6 in Detroit.

MINI Convertibles have always combined great handling characteristics with the thrill of open-top motoring, but when the Sidewalk hits MINI dealers from April 2007, MINI fans will have the opportunity to get their hands on a fresh model boasting a raft of luxurious design enhancements.

Andy Hearn, General Manager for MINI UK, said: “The MINI One Seven, Cooper Park Lane and Cooper S Checkmate editions of the MINI hatch have been hugely popular, with nearly 8,000 models sold in the UK in just 12 months. We are confident that Sidewalk will offer the same exclusivity and maximum value for Convertible customers. Undoubtedly it will reinforce MINI’s unique position as a premium small car.”

The new Sidewalk model offers a host of exclusive and additional options, and is available on the One, Cooper and Cooper S. It includes a choice of four paintwork colours, Malt Brown English Leather upholstery, 17” Night Spoke light alloy wheels, bi-colour leather steering wheel and gear knob and special ‘Sidewalk’ interior trim, floor mats, sidewalk and door inserts.

Additional MINI options that are standard on Sidewalk models are Automatic Stability Control and Traction (ASC+T), multifunction leather steering wheel, mirror caps in body colour, chrome line interior, passenger seat height adjustment, sports seats, storage compartment pack, front fog lamps, manual air conditioning, on board computer, interior light pack and white indicators.

On the road prices are as follows:

MINI One Sidewalk: £16,910 MINI Cooper Sidewalk: £17,960 MINI Cooper S Sidewalk: £20,235

Should a customer wish to specify these options on any other MINI Convertible, the cost of the extra kit would be approximately 25 per cent higher than if purchased as part of a standard package on the Sidewalk edition.

The MINI One and Cooper Convertible Sidewalk editions come with a five-speed manual gearbox, with the more powerful Cooper S version boasting a six-speed transmission. As an option, the MINI Cooper Convertible Sidewalk is available with a CVT transmission, while the MINI Cooper S Convertible Sidewalk may be fitted with a six-speed automatic transmission to further improve performance. Both auto gearboxes are equipped with a Steptronic function, providing a sportier driving experience.

The entire MINI line-up provides customers with an unrivalled opportunity to personalise their new car. Key to this is the extensive range of accessories available at dealers across the UK. The Sidewalk editions of the Convertible can be accessorized with cycle, surfboard and snowboard luggage racks, as well as the John Cooper Works tuning and styling kits.

Since its launch in 2004, the MINI Convertible has been a storming sales success and found itself a place deep in the hearts of British drivers. In 2005, MINI Convertible outsold its nearest competitor by a whopping 27 per cent. MINI is the UK’s best-selling convertible car in 2006, with more than 8,500 models sold year-to-date. The range is set to receive a further boost when the MINI Convertible Sidewalk arrives early in 2007.

Source: MINI UK Press

Information on US pricing will follow shortly.

  • Eric

    Okay, I’m missing something here with the term, “Sidewalk”. What’s next, the “PA Pothole” edition? How about “Fresh Black Top”. “Slow City Driving” edition – only comes in Automatic.

  • indimini

    AutoBlog has some nice pics of the car here.

    I like the interior, but the exterior color not so much.

  • …and if they offer a discount, that would be called a Sidewalk Sale! 😀

  • Chad

    Gasp! I love it. I have no desire to own a convertible, but it’s gorgeous.

  • I like everything except the badging and the two tone steering wheel. Just having the lower half in malt brown is a bit strange.

    The Malt Brown English Leather upholstery reminds me a bit of the baseball glove stitched seats from the Audi TT.

  • eager2own

    I agree that the color . . . or colour in the AutoBlog pics is not the best. But I do love that interior, and would be curious to see what the other 3 exclusive colours are. It’s too bad the “sidewalk” branding (which is a silly name) is so distinctively displayed on the sides and on the door sills.

    Are they refering to a different rack accessory? I assume they’re just talking about the Sport Link.

  • All press pics posted above…. enjoy!

  • kelly

    the wheels look like they got scraped along a kerb. the sidewalk sticker is pretty sweet though.

  • looks like the dug deep into the old BMW paint colors for that one. it resembles the old 2002 color called “nevada” as seen here:

  • I like.

  • Brian

    Very NICE!

  • agranger

    Love the upholstry! Mmmmmm…. malty!

  • Chad

    I’d take the color and leather and wheels on a 07 MCS in an instant. Exclusive sucks.

  • Badburro

    I like the English leather seats, but I’m not too sure about the color of the car. Do the seats come in black for the convertible (I know they didn’t for ’06). All in all, still happy with my BEP MCSc, with absolutely no desire to “upgrade”.

  • Crusoe

    That color is sparkling silver from the new pallet no? It will be nice to see the entire color and interior choice range but this one looks nice all around. Wheels are kick arse looking but are probably 25lbs each. Hmm Sidewalk. Side badges are big and plastic and looks like they have sidewalk door sills so removing may leave a scar.

  • The Sidewalk name appears to have been used in the past by Mini, at that point it was on a Coupe. Still nice to see MINI using a bit of Mini heritage.

    From The “Sidewalk” was produced by Rover between 1994-1996.  There was only 1000 produced making them a limited edition. They came in Kingfisher blue, Charcoal grey and White diamond.
  • Seth L

    All I read was “available in four colors” I didn’t see anything about more exclusive colors then the one?

    Although it would look awesome in Silk Green : )

  • All I read was “available in four colors” I didn’t see anything about more exclusive colors then the one?

    Since the press release above is more specific to the U.K., it will be interesting to see how this gets translated for the U.S. Market.

    With the “Seven” and the “Checkmate” the U.S. market had a bit more flexibility in specing the cars since they weren’t strictly “special editions” but treated more as an “options package”.

    If the same thing happens again, then there may be more than four colors available in the U.S. market for the “sidewalk options package” (if it is handled that way).

  • GZ

    Silk green. Good suggestion. I’ve seen that on some ’02s. How about a powder blue similar to Thunderbirds. Both are girly colors but still look sharp.

    I don’t care much for this, however, MINI deserves credit for trying to freshen up the MCSC line as it basically remains stagnant until ’09 (sniff).

  • SB

    That’s a sharp looking convertible.

  • Wessy

    Yum! Can’t wait to find out what the other colors will be.

  • IB

    Rumour has it that the other colours will be good ol’ BRG, Pepper White and maybe Pure Silver, along with the Sparkling Silver pictured above. I don’t think anything else in the current R52/R56 colour range would really work, apart from Astro Black.

  • Obi Quiet

    Am I missing something? A surfboard rack for a convertible? Is this possible with the Sport Link setup?

  • Love the seats. Not sure I like the paint color in the press photo’s and not sure I like the wheels.

  • I like the idea of the luggage rack!

  • Wessy

    Following on from your comment, IB, I agree that the malt brown leather would go beautifully with BRG, Pepper White, and Astro Black, and yeah, it would work with Pure Silver, too. I’d love to see it with the outgoing Hot Orange, or the new Mellow Yellow, as well as with a blue like the Kingfisher Blue on the classic Sidewalk site Dave linked to above.

  • I love the piping on those seats. I think it would make for a great regular option on other MINIs. It would add a bit more vintage back into the MINI which the redesign took away.

    The paint color isn’t so bad, but it seems more at home on a sneaker than a MINI.

  • gmini

    too bad we wonm’t be getting those seats. Is there an angineer around that can get us out of the hell of flat seat cushions?????

  • abbydog3

    Loving those rims, they are calling my name!

  • ChrisW

    “the wheels look like they got scraped along a kerb”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking! These wheels look just like my Konig Rewinds after a run in with a grinder.

    I do like them. The rest of the car, I’m undecided…

  • FrankInMiami

    Nice convertible. For those that find the R56 styling a bit funky and still prefer the supercharger and the better looking classic style of the R50 era, this car is the ticket.

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  • JP

    My MINI advisor told me it will be a $3,500 option which will make the base price of a MINI S around $30,000.

  • AMC

    Street only comes in one flavor.