Auto Express has the inside scoop on why we’ve recently seen all these spy photos of almost completely undisguised Clubman prototypes:

>So why was this prototype out testing without the usual black plastic disguise? It’s all down to a twist of fate. The truck on which it was being transported suffered a mechanical breakdown and burst into flames. Log on to to see the pictures on our website. As a result, the test drivers had no choice but to unload the car and drive it the rest of the way to its destination out in the open. And our spy was on hand to take these shots.

You can read more (and see photos of the truck fire) here:

[ MINI Traveller Undisguised ] Auto Express

Side note: So do you think AutoExpress call it a “scoop” when they finally realize that the R55 will be named the Clubman?

Auto Motor und Sport also also has spy shots of there own:

[ Erwischt: Mini Traveller ] Auto Motor und Sport

MF Analysis: It may sound like a great story but in reality the prototypes we’ve seen in recent photos are indeed camouflaged to some degree. There’s plenty of detail styling that has yet to rear it’s head.