In the name of MINI expansion, a court in the UK yesterday granted BMW permission to close a 2000 year old foot path originally built by the Romans. Here’s an excerpt from the Oxford Mail:

>The manufacturer of the new Mini, wanted to “stop up” the Roman Way bridleway and footpath, off Horspath Road, but the Ramblers’ Association and the British Horse Society contested the application.

>Yesterday at Witney Magistrates’ Court, District Judge Brian Loosley found in favour of BMW and gave the company permission to close the route.

>Mr Loosley said that if the case was considered a “David and Goliath” situation, “this time Goliath has won”.

>BMW, which asked the county council make the application on security grounds, has agreed to provide an alternative footway and cycleway along the Eastern Bypass.

[ BMW footpath win: Reaction ] Oxford Mail