MotoringFile Top 10 Stories of 2007

For better or worse 2007 was the year of the R56. With MINI launching the second generation of the new MINI, we obviously focused on the car and all the hype surrounding it for much of the larger stories and reviews of the year. But thankfully R56 related stories don’t make up the entire top ten. 2007 also saw the debut of the Clubman and the largest MINI event to date – MINI United. So without further delay, the envelope please…

10: MINI United Interview: Gert Hildebrand

9: MF Exclusive: Ask Stracco (the answers)

8: MF Exclusive: Factory JCW Revealed

7: MF Review: R56 JCW Engine Kit

6: MF Podcast: R56 Reviewed on the Track

5: MF Podcast: R56 on the Nurburgring

4: R50/R53 Used MINI Buyers Guide

3: MF One Week Review: 2007 Cooper S

2: MINI’s Future Models Revealed

…and the number one story of the year published on MotoringFile…

1: MF Comparison: Modded R53 vs JCW R56

As always it’s hard to narrow it down to just 10. Here are a few that didn’t make the cut yet may deserve a second look:

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