Official BMW Press Release: Sales of the MINI brand continued to be very positive. In the month just past, 21,463 MINI were delivered to customers, 17.5% more than in April 2007 (18,264). For the year to April, 79,680 MINI were sold, which represents an increase of 22.1% (prev.yr.: 65,244).

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Sales and Marketing: “We are and will remain strong in the market, and we will affirm our leading position in the premium segment this year with a series of new models. Despite the difficult economic conditions in some markets, we will continue to aim for new record sales levels for all three brands for the current business year. At the same time, we are making our fleet more and more environmentally friendly, which our customers appreciate. After having sold over 450,000 units with EfficientDynamics measures last year, we expect to sell over 800,000 BMW and MINI vehicles with this technology in Europe in 2008. This will continue to strengthen our competitive advantage by reducing fuel consumption and emissions throughout the entire fleet.”

The BMW Group once again sold most of its vehicles in the European markets, where sales of 79,391 vehicles were recorded in April. This is an increase of 14.1% compared with the same month last year. In the American markets, the BMW Group increased its deliveries last month by 10.0% to reach 36,169 vehicles. In April 2008, the BMW Group sold a total of 31,448 BMW and MINI brand cars (prev.yr.: 28,692/+9.6%) in the USA, its largest single market, and was able to successfully maintain its position in the face of the negative overall trend in the market. The BMW M3, BMW X6 and BMW 1 Series and the MINI Clubman, which were all launched for the first time in the US market, had a positive effect on sales development.

The company is continuing to grow at above-average rates in Asia, where the number of automobiles delivered rose in April 2008 by 11.3% to 13,330 (prev.yr.: 11,982). The Chinese markets once again developed dynamically. Sales in April rose by 15.5% from 5,128 units to 5,921 units.
In Western Europe, sales rose by 13.8% to 75,191 automobiles (prev.yr. 66,068). Development in the German market was also very positive – the BMW Group was able to sell 30,638 vehicles here in April (prev.yr.: 23,991). This corresponds to an increase of 27.7%.