MINI JCW Commercial (Video)

This video could be considered a trailer for the just released MINI JCW. It features the same two cars that we’ve seen in much of the promotion footage so far.

  • goonery

    anyone know who plays on the soundtrack?

  • ulrich

    It’s great car but, come October, I’ll be driving a low option 1-series. Once you get all the stuff to make the JCW look different from a regular S it’s a 35K car. Compared to my current 03 MCS at $22K I don’t see the value here.

  • greg

    Nice vid. I’m still pissed about the not ingraved tail pipes(????). The marginal looking chrome thing that usually says “S” really looks crappy now. It was likely intentionally ughly so everyone would drop $163 for the optional fillers.

    I like the euro speedo. The US one sucks. I wonder if it’s possible to get a euro face plate?

  • emergo

    not wild about all the editing (sorry, I’m a television producer, and am a little picky about such things). It’s repetitive, not as exciting as it could be, and at times (esp. in the parking garage), the cars just don’t seem to be going that fast. great concept, and well shot, but it could have been better. maybe if they had made it half as long, it would have been twice as good… 🙂

  • I thought the red one was going to win.

    I like the sound the car makes by itself. A version without the music would be great.