The First MINI Countryman Print Ads Debut

Ok, they’re not as exciting as the commercials. But for those you like good copy and old school art direction, these are likely better than what you saw earlier today. (all five after the break)

2011 MINI Countryman

2011 MINI Countryman

2011 MINI Countryman

2011 MINI Countryman

  • Jas

    That last ad makes it look really mean lol

  • ftttupwmcs

    I can’t wait until the power plant can back up those mean looks.

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  • Jas

    Well i guess its the 2nd to last now..the red S model (Dust for Dinner) that looks mean..those xenons. I cant wait to see these ads on the printed page.

  • JonPD

    Actually some of the better print adds that I’ve seen from MINI lately.

    Do have to rather giggle at the general context of many of these however such as “Asphalt for lunch and dust for dinner”. This is largely because of the base fact that my GP ate up the salt flats and gravel roads over MTTS as efficiently as the other R53/R56 cars. Think the MINI CUV’s really don’t offer a lot more than a little ground clearance on anything that either they or the R53/R56 cars are likely to see offroad.

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  • bee1000

    “Burn Your Rubbers” – That’s perfect!

  • MrLeadFoot

    I’m torn. I really love this vehicles headlights, grille, and roofline. So fantastic. Why couldn’t they have a Mini Countryman coupe (or is that technically called a 3 door?)?! Either way I love these ads. Awesome job, Mini!

  • Crashton

    Nice to see MINI mentioning Subaru in that second add?? After all Outback’s are a wonderful dirt road cruiser.

    God I hope that thing looks better in person. Guess I’ll find out soon enough.