MINI Scooter E Concept Performance Specs

[UPDATE] We’re having trouble verifying these numbers with the official BMW press information. We published a range figure of around 60 mile in yesterday’s post based on inside sources (not confirmed) but have yet to hear anything further. We’ll let you know if we get any kind of confirmation on the top speed.

This just in from BMW Blog:

Dubbed MINI Scooter E Concept, the model is e two-wheeler electric scooter. The electric motor is placed behind the rear wheel, and its fuel autonomy is estimated at around 62 miles. Top speed is 31 mph.

Bummer. It’s a bit of a disappointment, frankly. These numbers mean that this scooter is fully MINI in aesthetics, but less so in performance. While the 31 mph top speed places this scooter concept in what is arguably the most accessible conventional scooter speed range (50cc), it really limits where this vehicle can realistically travel. Though you’d be cruising in style, you’d be relegated to only the most urban of downtown avenues or the sleepy streets of your favorite suburb. The upside? In most states you’d be road legal with just your driver’s license — no motorcycle endorsement required. The 62 mile range is impressive and would be more than adequate for the urban commute plus plenty of nonchalant shopping, even if you couldn’t get there in much of a hurry. Here’s hoping for a future JCW version with a bit more oomph!

  • Yes I shall wait for the JCW

  • Shoot. My Honda Metropolitan 50 can get up to 35mph.

  • eto

    The range is quite nice. The top speed is probably governed so it might not take much to get the electric motor spinning faster. I can see the mods now of reducing the winds on the rotor, upgrading the brushes, new magnets. The range will drop, but the speed with be greater. 😀

  • Eto, I’d happily trade range for performance, especially if I could charge at the office. I’d bet good money it’s a brushless motor back there though, so it’s likely software limiting its output.

  • Jacob Yarrow, I didn’t know you were a scooterist! Good on ya!

  • JonPD

    Not a bad design but for most cities I have lived in a 31mph top speed would make you a sitting duck on the street. I am betting also its going to be at or above the top end of the comparable model price point. My guess is 8-9k due to it being a electric powered.

    Still personally this development is a thousand times better than the R60 though will not sell nearly as well or have a high of a profit range.

  • alpinamike
  • MINIme

    This is a toy and not a serious machine for street use. Looks good but “all style and no substance”.

  • Paul D

    I’ve seen those numbers in German press, so they are accurate.

    Highly doubt it they were taken from your “estimation”. Not all news originate in the US and on US blogs or MF.

  • Drill

    They should bring out JCW and WRC versions, lol.

  • When I was in highschool, I had a Puch 50 cc moped. Late at night I’d sneek out of my house for a run to my g-friends house. Anyway, one night a cop pulled me over. He asked if I knew how fast I was going.. I said no (no speedo) but that it was just a moped (it was late and cold, so I was crouching down…) he said he clocked me at 31 MPH when the model was only supposed to go 25… He didn’t understand why I was so happy! Anyway, after talking about what I was up to, he gave me a sheepish smile and sent me on my way…. With a warning to not go too fast….

    Anyway, the way to goose this is via voltage! Double the batteries (series, not parrallel) and hack the controller! Woo hoo! 50 MPH here we come!

    But really, the Chinese eScooter can get this speed, lower range, and a price point of $1500….. But no where near the MINI style……


  • JonPD

    Well Vespa’s can run up to nearly 7k, I would expect this development north of that.

  • Paul D

    Censorship at its best. Approving selective comments.

  • rgc0233

    Maybe it does 0-31 in 2 seconds flat?

  • Paul D, we don’t censor comments here on Motoringfile unless they’re derogatory toward other commenters. However, we can only approve them as fast as we’re able to get to them. Sometimes that’s 10 minutes, sometimes it’s a few hours.

  • Avantone

    Disappointing. There’s definitely a market for a high end scooter, and the MINI brand would be a huge draw, however it needs a real engine.

  • ben

    kinda get the style – but check these out – Ebretti Scooters. 45km range, 45km/h top speed, super stylish, dutch quality and about £2900 all incl… think its the best option out there for e scooters right now