MINI USA Press Launch Day One (Gallery)

The day isn’t quite over but I’ve already gone through the hills in a handful of the 2011 MINI models. We’ll have full reviews of the cars and all the technology of the 2011 line-up in the days ahead. In the meantime, here’s an early look at day one.

[nggallery id=45]

And as always you can follow via twitter for up to the minute commentary. Day two promises to be very interesting.

  • Jack

    Totally want that Spice Orange S.

  • alpinamike

    Hot orange vs Spice, the spice is much darker.

    I see they have another green interior. What a contrast. BMW’ish individual i guess.

  • Garth

    What is the handle on the interior of the Countryman. Best seen in DSC0417? Black riding between the seats. Can we get a better shot of this? Please?


  • Garth, that is the parking brake handle

  • Gabe– do you have some pricing details to announce? I just saw this info over on Auto News, they said that it was announced today in Austin:

    Cooper Countryman – $22,350 ($500 more than comparable Clubman) “Well Equipped” Countyman S w/ All4 is “under $30,000”

  • robble

    $500 over the clubman would be awesome. I’d expect closer to convertible pricing.

  • robbie… this is from Automotive News, supposedly Jim McDowell announced this pricing at the same press event in Austin.

  • hardingsan

    check this out from autonews

    “The Countryman has four bucket seats. The optional rear bench seat offered in Europe initially won’t be sold in the United States, McDowell said.”

    that ‘initially’ sounds like MINI has been listening…

  • BananasRUS

    hardingsan, I so hope that you are right! I would just about anything to have three seats in the second row!

  • Jack

    We all know that “Under $30k” means $29995.

  • Chad

    Yikes, that IS close to the Clubman. That’s going to severely hurt sales of that model, if only because the expected resale value on the Countryman should be higher. Unless they drive a LOT different, I don’t see many people going with a Clubman. If there was some distance in the price, sure, but not $550.

  • Aussom

    Can anyone possibly confirm whether the rear seats are fore-aft adjustable (including bench seat), and what the minimum distance is between the back of the front seats and the front edge of the rear seats (i.e, with front seats adjusted fully aft & rear seat adjusted fully fore)? I.e., can it easily accommodate big adults in the rear without restricting legroom? Thanks.