BMW Recalls Fuel Pumps. MINI Does Not.

Recently an owner outcry over engine issues caused BMW to recall the high-pressure fuel pumps used in some 130,000 turbocharged ultimate driving machines. With similar systems and similar complaints from some MINI owners, some expected the same action from MINI. According to Jalopnik, the word from MINI spokeswoman Nathalie Bauters is that there will be no similar MINI fuel pump recall because the turbocharged R56 Cooper S actually uses a different fuel pump than the one recalled by BMW.

Still worried? In July, MINI extended the warranty on these high-pressure fuel pumps to 10 years or 120,000 miles for ’07-’09 models. That, according to Bauters, is why there will be no MINI recall at this point. Though that may be cold comfort for folks experiencing issues. Is this a widespread problem? It’s discussed here on NAM. Any MF readers having fuel pump issues?

  • Replaced under warranty @ 30k. Took three visits to my dealer to get anything done….they played dumb each time and didn’t replace the HPFP until I specifically told them to look at it.

  • Nicholi

    Mine has been replaced twice after quite a few visits getting other, smaller fuel related parts replaced. I was the first MINI in OKC to get the “cold start” fuel pump issue taken care of, but I’m running into the same problems again this year. It has even been backfiring lately. They continue to blame bad gas even though I’ve always filled with Top Tier non-ethanol and have the receipts to prove it. About a month ago, I got a letter in the mail saying MINI will extend the warranty on the fuel pump until 125,000 (I’ll have to double check that number) miles. They know it’s an issue with MINI just like it is with BMW.

  • I had a problem a few months back before any recall. I was driving and the OBC cut me down to half power saying there was a major engine malfunction – this while on the 290, so lots of fun. When I brought it in they diagnosed quickly and simply said it was a new fuel pump design and they’ve been having many issues and are just replacing them as they’re brought it. Obviously it’s escalated now. I however noticed no issues before the OBC shut down most of my power. One second it was working fine the next second it was not.

  • Oh… I have a 2008 135i.

  • lavardera

    Obviously the OBC cutting your power to half while at highway speed on a crowded road could spell serious safety issue.

    Mini drivers that have had the issue and a dealer reluctant to honor the warrantee should send them a formal letter let them know they are considering filing for a safety recall with NHTSA, and copy MiniUSA on the correspondence.

  • Chris N.

    MY 2007 R56S HPFP was replaced at 7,000.

  • Mine was replaced under warranty by my dealer at about 36k. Used R56S. Two trips to the service department to get it done. First trip I complained about starting issues, that went away after the morning startup — nothing done. Second trip, I had a amber check engine light. Pump was replaced. My motoring life improved. ;0) It could be that they just brought everything back up to spec and that was most of the improvement, but it does seem that the fuel pump made a big difference in the car’s drive-ability.

  • Chris R

    I have a 2009 Cooper S that had it replaced before the 10K mile mark. It continued to stall after they replaced the pump…but MINI applied a software update that fixed it a few months later.

    Here’s a link to the car fighting for its life with the pump craping out:

  • I had one changed under warranty too at about 30k miles! The engine suddenly went into safe mode one Sunday afternoon, so straight into the dealer Monday morning. But my dealer was very good, got everything done first time.

    Now I have a Cooper D and the gasket had to be changed at 20k miles service!

  • Great timing! Mine is being replaced right now on my 2009 R56. I am literally in the dealer waiting for my MINI. I originally had trouble a couple weeks ago when the OBC (on board computer) cut power as I was about to hit the FDR (in NYC).

  • SFRedMCc

    My Cooper Clubman probably has a different fuel pump, but I always get this low thumping noise at the left rear side (near the fuel cap) right after I turn off the engine. I never asked the dealer about it because I thought was caused by a pressure relief valve.

  • that.guy

    No issues at all with my R53 fuel pump after 7 years and 130k miles. Just sayin.

    Is the R56 pump made in France, by any chance?

  • Chilly

    Any idea if this is still an issue with the 2011 refresh models?

  • @andre, sup Andre! I had my 2009 R56S HPFP replaced at 6K. Check Engine amber light came on. Took it to Westchester MINI, no questions asked. Got my car back on the road in 3hrs. No problems ever since. 93 Octane Fuel ONLY in my MINI.

  • Replaced on 1st R56 at 20K, and 2nd R56 at 12k.

  • Bob Hayhurst

    …on my March ’07 S with 90,000 miles, no problems with the fuel pump. I took it to the dealer (fearing the worst) shortly after I got the letter concerning bad fuel pumps . The tech checked it out and said good fuel rail pressure, so I was out the door with a free carwash. It could go tommorrow but it hasn’t gone today. Go figure…

  • Larry T

    2007 MCS with 30k…….no problems! But I did get the letter from MINI on the extension. Glad they back the product when things like this happen. The letter went out prior to all this media mess too!

  • The fuel pump on my R56 Mini Cooper S was replaced with less than 10,000ks on the clock. Usual great service from the dealer, mind you, so no biggie.

  • The HPFP on my ’09 R55 S went at about 5K. The problem was identified immediately by Ferman MINI and I had it back after one day.

  • Rixter

    Why must BMW/MINI play dumb with us and wait til we have a failure before they act. What kind of customer service is that?!?!

  • HPFP replaced at 5k (kms) on 2010 JCW Clubman. Then 1k (kms) later replaced the entire Fuel Pressure System from tank to engine. Engine light would not go away due inadequate line supply.

  • Mine was replaced when I got my JCW Tuning kit added to my 07 at 30k miles. It was kicking out codes and not idling but ended up being a bad software version so I guess I got a new HPFP for nothing!!

  • D Man

    I just got a 2011 Mini Cooper S. Fuel pump/lines when out at under 200 miles! All have been replaced. Hope I’m not going to be living at the Mini dealership. It took them 10 days to replace because it was a new part for 2011. They had to order it from Germany. I had to do with low fuel pressure.

  • witches70

    i have in r 56 which mis fires alot under acceleration. Could this be the fuel pump on the way out. Even though its now out of warrenty i can still get it changed yes?

  • Vic Kirkwood

    Brisbane, Australia. My 07 R56S had starting problems at 70,000klms. Dealership replaced HPFP and stated that because “I was a good customer” the part was supplied at no cost. I did however have to pay for fitting. Had to return car to dealership to fix fuel leak due to faulty fit of hose – had to argue with them to get them to accept liability. Disgusted with MINI dealership. They charge excessively and lie to customers. 

  • John

    I had fuel pump issues with 2007 cooper S  when engine started a miss …we tried to look into it  but had to take it to mini dealer who charged around £500 plus approx to put new fuel pump in after about 27/29000 miles……  Car seemed to work okay…then at about 37000 miles we had a sudden loss of engine power light came on and we limped to nearest garage which was happened to be our company mechanic who stripped it down to find the injector on the right side cylinder had broken away and disappeared  he could find no trace of it and said he presumed it had flown into the exhaust….the engine had to be fully stripped down  cylinder had to be re ground we put new timing chain in and the whole lot cost £1300 so we were not impressed at  £2000 repairs on a twenty two thousand pound top of  range mini car just out of warranty period.  At least the second repair profit did not go to mini dealer…..this is a car that has been driven slow only had sport button on twice in its life.  It was the second new mini  the first was a mini one and we had no trouble….we decided on the Cooper S as you could feel the power difference between the cooper and the cooper S on the test drive…we did not know we were buying trouble…..the wife wanted to buy the new mini but i am afraid this has put us off ….and I now am uneasy about other injectors going at any time.  Also concerned as to the seat leather wearing as you slide into the drivers seat especially as we thought we had ordered the best leather seats and top spec. other than repair costs we like the car but feel the new one has more space ..We had assumed that a car like this should go at least 60,000 miles without problem even more  when serviced regularly…..John & Sue Wilson- Sheffield

    • Justin

      Punctuation would be great.

  • Darla

    Have a 2011 Countryman with only 24,700 miles. Purchased new. Started running bad and was told it takes awhile to warm up the turbo. Not true, now after a bad start and almost a tow to the dealer, they replaced the fuel pump. Now lets see what happens. Also had problems with the decals coming off.

  • Sherry

    Have a 2011 with a little over 50k and check engine light keeps coming on and feel hesitation when accelerating. All of this happens only intermittently. Called Nashville Mini where I purchased and was told ” sorry, not under warranty and has not been recalled past 2009″, am told will cost 500 plus labor. Has anyone had this problem and been able to get Mini to pick up the tab??

    • Keith

      I just had the same problem with my 2012 Countryman ALL4 S with the HPFP. Also the oil cooler line to the turbo broke. THey covered the oil line even though I’m past 48K but so far haven’t offered to cover the HPFP.

  • Sherry

    Sorry, talking about the HPFP

  • wonk in the wilderness

    Just had to replace the fuel pump on my 2005 Mini with only 29K miles! Very disappointing!!! One day it just would turn over. Had to have it towed to the repair shop.