Meet the MINI Family (Video)

A new video from MINI worldwide that’s one part music video, one part art project, one part commercial. Featuring lots of stop motion and other fun artistic juxtapositions, this video even gives us a glimpse of the new MINI Clubman Hampton Edition. Going model by model, the video definitely has an international flavor as we see MINIs zipping around the city, the desert, the mountains, the track and everywhere in between.

  • Alexandre

    At the beginning of the video, do you think it is the actual exhaust sound of the SD?? I doubt it, but I secretly hope it is…

  • alpinamike

    So this is the new advert from PFPR?

    If so , nice job, good music.

  • JM in NH

    Liked it. A couple of images struck me as odd though: (1) washing a convertible with the top down??; and (2) kids + food in car = Doh!

  • This really shows how totally bad “Stuff it in the Boot” was!

    Pretty cool stuff, some very nice production techniques, as well as some totally bitchen roads!

  • DB

    Very cool video. But, to be “that guy” for a minute, I like that they feature the MCS D and MINI Connected. I would like even more if the MCS D was available in the States and if WRR could get on MINI Connected.

  • Very nicely done. That’s probably one of my favorite Kaiser Chiefs songs too.

  • Rixter

    That was really well done. Much more positive and enjoyable that the last useless ad during the Super Bowl, “Stuff in the boot”. Back on track MINI!

  • MINIme

    Great video!

  • DanM

    Very nicely done (except for the previously noted “washing the convertible with the top down” silliness).

  • JonPD

    Best one since Flow for sure. Glad to see another quality bit of advertisement from MINI.

    Not directly related to the great quality of the ad but how sad is it that they have to zoom into the jcw badge so you can tell the black car on the track is a jcw lol.

  • Volkan

    Cool video. Nice mix of music, artistry and all things MINI.

  • SFRedMCc

    Best MINI video by far………

  • I love it!!

    This video makes me: 1) want a Cooper S D 1a) want to move to Europe so I can have a Cooper S D 2) Happy to be a MINI owner with a speed demon JCW 3) want to take a road trip so I can realllllly drive. Not this everyday city stop and go traffic BS.

  • Michael MM

    That video has me geeking out a little bit. If I am making a reasonable assumption, what we were looking at were the MY2012 line of cars. I say that based on the a) the timing of the advertisement, b) the rear bench being shown on the Countryman, and c) the MINI Yours Clubman.

    Since I am planning on getting a JCW, that has me excited. I really hope that the red striping around the circumference of the black JCW rims and also the clear coated JCW bonnet stripes are going to be available for the upcoming JCW cars! That was actually something I was thinking of doing when I get mine. Second, holy friggen’ crap that car looks good!! Third, I am really hoping the MY2012 JCWs get the updates Gabe mentioned might be coming down the pipe.

    Here’s to patience…… argh..

  • The best part was the video took snipits of all the other videos MINI has released and included them into a piece that flowed quite well…the washing of the vert with the top down was a viral video done when the R57 was launched. The stop-motion portion for the clubbie was cool cuz it was remnicient of the launch video in 2008…and even though they focused on the JCW badges, everyone remembers the video of the two JCW’s racing on street and track…

    Well done overall…

    Sideways Approved!

  • CV

    This is what should’ve run during the Superbowl. The six minutes of air time would’ve only cost about a bazillion dollars, but it would’ve been money well spent (unlike what actually ran, in my opinion).

    And yeah, I’ve read the pieces about why we aren’t getting the diesels in the USA — and yet I still want one!!!


  • r.burns

    Diesel = no sound Some people will be disappointed…

  • phlip

    And a glimpse at the Countryman’s bench seat!

  • Newdl

    Did I just see a Cooper Countryman All4? That blue one? Can someone explain?

    After a quick visit to MINIUK I realized it is a Cooper D All4…


  • GOOOO!!! MINNNNNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    Outstanding!!! This is so much better than the unfortunate image the Super Bowl commercial portrayed. To bad not as many people will see ads like this.


    A beautifully crafted piece of artistry.

    Well done MINI, that was like a blast of fresh air.

  • goat

    Great ad… well done all around!

  • James

    anybody know who the production company was??

  • James

    anybody know who the production company was??