Video: MINI Sets Parallel Parking World Record in China

We know the MINI is easy to park, but just how tight a space will a MINI hardtop fit? The answer as of now is 15 cm or 5.91 inches. This world record parking spot squeeze was turned in by driver Han Yue during a MINI event in Beijing. Not a month ago, the previous record of 8.66 inches was set by Patrik Folco.

The method of parking is a bit unorthodox to say the least, but I like the question posed by the folks over at Nerdist (where we found this). That is, we see how you got in there, now how do you get out?

[Source: Nerdist]
  • Alumnisk8

    This is awesome

  • I wish I could do that stuff. Jealous.

  • Mabels1126

    Hand brake is your friend.  Can be used in normal driving and at autocross.  Start practice in an empty parking lot; halfway into a turn pull and release the handbrake – turn done. 

  • Impressive. More impressive, would be getting out of that parking spot.

  • VioletDC

    That was pretty cool; wish I could do it!

  • m8o

    I swear I must have beat that in my 1985 Toyota Model F 4wd WonderWagon Van back in the mid-80s … but I didn’t know it was a record I was elligible for at the time!!! :p 

    I recall on one instance I parked it in the tiniest spot directly in-front of this seedy but very happening nightclub at the very foot of 1st St. in NYC.  When I got outta the van it was to the sound of applause for getting it into that spot; with the bouncers congratulating me and opening the ropes immediatly … it was the start of a great night! -hahahaha

  • b-

    How does one practice that skill?  I think I may have to try it, anyone going to let me borrow their car so mine doesn’t get destroyed? 🙂

  • Absolutely awesome!!! How will he get out?

    • m8o

       He’ll open the door and step out.  I see it happening right before my eyes in the video … Now how will the car get out?  That’s a different story. :p