This month's MotorTrend has a comparison between 5 small cars including the a new 2005 MCS. To the surprise of probably few here the MCS walked away with top honors. The most notable thing about the test however was the incredible 0-60 time that MT recorded – 6.4 seconds. This time is almost a full second faster than thir previous time for a '03 MCS. Obviously there should be a change due to the increase in horsepower, torque and the shorter gear ratios, however almost a full second is hard to imagine. Or maybe not.

The article is not yet available online but is in this month's issue available at newsstands now.

FYI – Here's a NAM thread on the difference in feel from a heavily modded '03 to a bone stock '05. A word of warning… if you don't have an '05 and currently have no plans of upgrading you might want to skip this thread. For those with an '05 or have plans to purchase one – enjoy!