I have the good fortune of having a friend and coworker that recently acquired a classic Mini. It needs a little work, but looks great, runs well and is in overall good shape. Not to mention it makes me more than a little jealous,..

After conferring with other local classic owners, inspecting and test-driving their cars, he’s beginning to gather the bits and pieces to complete his car and to give it a bit more pep. Which for me (being a fellow Mini/MINI fanatic and general car nut) is a fascinating process.

So, how to get more power out of the tiny engine? Well, one of the easiest (and, as a gearhead, coolest) ways is via forced induction – either turbocharging or supercharging. But while there are plenty of readily available turbo kits for a variety of modern cars (even new MINIs), finding one specific to the early Mini was proving difficult.

That’s when my friend stumbled across a rather interesting solution.

VMAX SCART, a British tuning firm known for motorsport cylinder head engineering and speedster conversions, has been offering a kit to fit new MINI Cooper S superchargers to old Mini A series engines at least 1275cc in size. The kit is a do-it-yourself fitment, can be done in about a weekend, and contains all the necessary parts you’d need (new head, air filter, belts, gaskets, plugs, etc) to add up to 40 brake horsepower to any 1959-1993 model.

It seems the present can inform the past – or at least make it a little quicker.


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