Many of us are pretty tired of seeing the same old re-hashed stories in popular auto magazines. With sites like MotoringFile and MINI2 actually delivering the scoop that magazines seem to pick up on, the words “Auto Express Exclusive” have taken on a whole new meaning.

Like the rest of us, Tony Thomas was also sick of seeing the bogus stories. He could see that their MINI exclusives in particular seemed to all consist of suspiciously gathered facts and poorly doctored photos. However, instead of just sitting back and reading these ‘exclusive’ articles in Autocar or Auto Express, he did something about it. Tony decided to send in his best Photoshop work and some made up figures to Auto Express (apparently his least favorite British car mag) and see if they bit. Naturally, they did.

Here’s his article, his car, and his made up figures as seen in this week’s Auto Express. (And you wondered why never seemed to trust them!)

[ Hot MINI Goes Power Crazy ] Auto Express (jpg)

You can also check out the original photo of Tony’s Cooper S (before the photoshop job) here.

A big thanks to Tony for sending this in!