This month’s Esquire has a fascinating article that hits the highs and lows of tailgaing with a MINI Convertible. Here’s an excerpt:

>By the time kickoff approaches, the little car has become as much a part of the scene as the pickups that dominate the parking lot. The Mini is like the little brother who begs to play in a pickup basketball game, makes a few shots, and wins the begrudging respect of the big kids. But the problem with playing against the big boys is that when Little Brother gets treated like a peer, eventually he’s gonna get hurt.

>In our case, that moment comes when we decide to see if the tailgate weight warning is accurate. The notice says that the maximum load is 176 pounds, which, as a seating option, essentially relegates it to women and Europeans. Nonetheless, I gingerly rest my 190 pounds on the tailgate, kick my feet out, and brace for something bad to happen. My seat holds fast. Score one for the Mini.

You can read more (and the exciting conclusion of the “weight test”) below:

[ Mini-Barbarians at the Gate ] Esquire