Over the last week or two we’ve heard from serveral sources about rumored production delays at the Oxford plant. But until now we hadn’t been able to confirm exactly what the issues were and what cars were affected (if any).

However we’ve just learned from a source in Oxford that there there has indeed been a major
hold up in the delivery of some R56 models. This massive hold up is due to leaking fuel pumps on Cooper S models with around 3000 affected cars. With the plant now closed until the 2nd of January (for the Christmas & New Year holiday) and with the re-work area full to bursting, it’ll be a while yet until the problem is resolved.

So for all those waiting for a Cooper S that’s currently in the manufacturing process, you’re wait may have just gotten a little longer. However it’s worth noting that this shouldn’t really affect MINI production for the US launch of the R56.