A Car Connection reader managed to snap a handful of pictures of a MINI test mule that wasn’t a Clubman or Convertible but looked to be a standard R56 Coupe. However for those with a keen eye it looks like it could be much more. Specifically it has a couple tell-tale signs (based on information from our sources) that would indicate it could be one of two things; either the the much rumored “Stage II” factory JCW car due out in the next couple of years or an early peak at the R56 mid-lifecycle refresh. For one, the headlihts appear to have a black backing similar to the ones found in the Millionth MINI promotional car that debuted earlier this spring. Secondly the car’s front, rear and fender areas are all heavily camoflauged – exactly where we’d expect to see the factory JCW car have unique styling or a refresh to make some subtle changes.

You can check out the photos below:

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