Official BMW Group Press Release: The MINI brand also set a new historic record for the month. In June this year, 22,465 (prev.yr.: 18,819) of the world’s most successful premium small car were sold, which is 19.4% more than in the same month last year. For the six months to June, 107,576 MINI automobiles were sold (prev.yr.: 101,065/+6.4%).

The growth in sales recorded by the BMW Group has accelerated noticeably as of the end of the first six months of 2007. In a June monthly comparison, the company increased the number of automobiles delivered to customers by 15.1% to 150,285 (prev.yr.: 130,542). Never before in its history the world’s leading manufacturer of premium vehicles has sold so many automobiles in one month. The Chinese markets were once again characterised by above-average growth rates in June 2007 with an increase of 63.2% to 5,925 units (prev.yr.: 3,631). Russia also recorded particularly dynamic sales growth, with an increase of 77.8% to 1,502 vehicles delivered (prev.yr.: 845). But Western Europe also showed healthy growth in two digits (15.9%). Here, the BMW Group delivered 90,310 automobiles to customers in June (prev.yr.: 77,926).

“In spite of a number of major model changes, we have already increased BMW Group sales by around five percent in the first half year”, commented Dr Michael Ganal, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Sales and Marketing. “Over the next few months, we want to continue to record double-digit growth. We are well on the way to increasing our sales for the whole of 2007 by a figure in the high single-digit range and setting new records for all three brands.”