It would seem MINI USA didn’t really hit the nail on the head with their pre-specced R56s for the February dealer launch. Either they didn’t have enough options or that had the wrong ones for the wrong markets. As it stands some MINI dealers are still trying to move these models off the lot. While the new MINI has been selling exceptionally well in the US (up 25% last month) the right options still count for something.

So with the Clubman launch (scheduled for February 2008) MINI has put more planning into these pre-specced (HEA) models. And we (as you can guess) have all the inside information. Below you can download the official MINI USA PDF on each model and what they will offer (not shown are individual options like chrome-line exterior etc.). MINI USA is planning on having 848 of these cars produced for its 82 dealers nationwide. After a few are removed for press/training purposes, dealers should expect around 10 a piece. There will be a 50/50 split between the Cooper and Cooper S models.

[ Clubman Pre-Specced Product Mix ] Official MINI USA PDF