Longtime MF reader (South African R53 MINI owner) Tim van Rooyen recently spent some time with MINI of South Africa’s JCW press car and has written a fantastic review that covers every detail of the car. Here’s an except:

>There is no real comparison between the R56 JCW and the R53. They are totally different entities, in my opinion. My 2005 Cooper S feels zippy and light, raw and raucous. The 2007 Cooper S with JCW kit feels ultra refined, smooth, but eager. The amount of torque produced is unbelievable. There is some turbo lag, but it is so much fun to play with – waiting for the whoosh to kick in, pushing your eyeballs back into your skull. Keep an eye on the rev range and you can manage the lag well.

>I was curious how the JCW would stack up against the standard Cooper S. I took the car to Lyndhurst Auto and asked Derick to use his car as a means of comparison. Derick drives a 2007 Cooper S with 17 inch wheels and a standard suspension. We drove the JCW car first, concentrating only on performance – “nippyness”, acceleration, and thrill factor. Derick came away impressed with the torque available, and said he thought the car breathed easier. Then I drove Derick’s car. I got that same feeling! The standard car felt equally brilliant – same rush, same nippyness. I began to wonder whether the JCW tuning kit was worth it.

>As I drove the JCW home, the differences became more apparent. There was a shed load more torque. Acceleration was improved markedly. The car was much more eager and the revs climbed a lot faster. If the volume on a “standard” 2007 Cooper S was at 10, the JCW tuning kit turned that knob right into the red. This car was on steroids. It made me feel invincible.

A highly recommended read. You can check out the entire review below:

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