We at MF love the MINI. We love the ideas and the ideals behind it. We love the efficiency but still need the performance it offers. But there’s a opinion shared among all of us at MF that MINI needs to create something that falls below the current line-up. Not only cheaper but smaller but more efficient.

There’s evidence that BMW may be doing this very thing. The project “i” is all about efficiency and small vehicles. And whether the fruits of that project are seen in the BMW brand or something entirely new, we’re sure that the MINI brand will reap some benefits of the work currently being done. In fact we believe the MINI E is one of the first concrete steps of that program.

But would it sell? In Europe, the UK and other parts of the world where petrol prices are around or over $10 a US gallon, surely. But what about in MINI’s largest market; North America? With petrol fluctuating anywhere between $2.75 and $4.75, we have it lucky. Our need for efficiency isn’t driven out of the same dire financial reasons as many other markets. Yet there is a renewed interest in being frugal and smart about transportation here.

So let’s here your thoughts. Would you or people you know be interested in a MINI that is both smaller and more efficient but with performance in-line with a MINI One or a Cooper? Would you also sacrifice what little space the MINI currently has for all of this? Sound off below…