In the next few weeks JCW will be releasing a retrofit kit for all R55, R56 and R57 models that allows owners to install one or two of the following gauges:

– Coolant temperature gauge
– Torque reserve gauge (relative torque as MINI calls it)
– Lateral G gauge

These gauges will sit on the side of the tachometer exactly like the current MINI convertible’s always open gauge does. The retrofit kits will be available at MINI service centers around the world starting this spring.

But you know we couldn’t just end at that. We did some digging and managed to find the official retro-fit PDF manual. This document gives us a clear look at the work needed and the parts included in the kits. However a word of warning, this might be a little bit more than most of us can handle when it comes to DIY. It may be best left to your dealer or favorite independent MINI shop.

+ Retrofit Instrument Kit / Official MINI PDF