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This year BMW Group Classic marks a number of anniversaries at Techno Classica in Essen, Germany. BMW celebrates 80 years of automobile production and the new BMW Z4 enjoys the distinguished company of the BMW Z1, Z3 and Z8 Roadsters. In addition, the BMW 700 looks back 50 years to the time when it set the company back on track. The MINI brand, meanwhile, surveys a somewhat different history: it was also 50 years ago that this small British car won over the hearts of motorists and rapidly emerged as a cult car. As ever, visitors will find all these models in Hall 12.

“Such a wide thematic range can only be covered with the help of the BMW and MINI clubs,” says Karl Baumer, Director of BMW Group Classic, highlighting the role played by the club networks for both brands. “As on the road, here at the fair too it is the car owners who are the ambassadors of the brands.” To ensure that such a wide variety of models continues to grace the roads in future, BMW Group Classic is ramping up its spare parts supply. The range provided by Munich’s custodians of the BMW Group’s heritage extends from the earliest pre-war parts all the way to parts for the second generation (E30) BMW 3 Series. In addition to parts supply, BMW Classic now also offers restoration work, servicing and vehicle certificates. “The aim was to expand our range and be able to offer our customers more services,” says Ralf Vierlein, responsible for development and technology at BMW Group Classic. The feedback has been very positive. “We are delighted at the huge response we are getting,” says Vierlein. BMW Group Classic presents its latest range of services at Techno Classica with a workshop and a spare parts service.

Exhibitions and models

The entire spectrum of the 50-year brand history of MINI can be viewed at Techno Classica: from the Morris-Mini Minor of 1959, to an early Cooper and a Cooper S in rally trim, all the way to the Cabrio and a stretch limousine. The MINI E, meanwhile, provides a glimpse of the future. With its electric drive it already created a stir at last November’s Los Angeles Motor Show.

The 50th anniversary of the BMW 700 at Techno Classica shifts the focus to the late 1950s and early 1960s, with both a Cabrio and a late LS Coupé represented. The BMW 700 Sport and 700 RS sports racers are also lined up. Next to them are their forerunners in the shape of the BMW 600 and the BMW Isetta with camper. The BMW R 10 Roller Prototype and the BMW R 24, RS 54 sidecar combination and BMW R 51/3 represent Munich’s two-wheeled production of the time.

A broad diversity is covered by the exhibition on 80 years of BMW automobile production. The oldest vehicle on the stand is provided by the Automobile Welt Eisenach museum: the BMW 3/15 DA2 dating back to 1929. It is joined by classics such as the BMW 335 and the 1950s star ensemble of the BMW 503 and 507. Following the BMW 02 Series are the 3.0 CSi and CSL Coupés as well as the forerunner of the 7 Series, the BMW 3.0Si. The BMW 5 Series will also be represented, as will the

3 Series, the BMW 635CSi and the iconic BMW M1.