A pretty good show for all y’all this week as we rapidly approach **Woofcast 300** next week! Gabe actually joined Todd and I this week with his take on the news from the last few weeks. Also joining us tonight was Michael from BimmerFile and he added his own unique take on what’s happening in the MINI world.

Micheal joins us this evening because we recorded Episode #1 of the brand new BimmerFile podcast! It will be going up Tuesday and should be available in iTunes later in the week. If you are subscribed via iTunes to WRR, you will get this episode, but the rest of them you will have to subscribe too.

Woofcast 299 : [audio:http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3?http://www.whiteroofradio.com/podcasts/woof299.mp3]

In case you missed it last week, there is a new email sign-up for WRR. If you used to be subscribed via email, all apologies for the change, but the prior system wasn’t working.

Thanks to Steve for calling into the WRR Voicemail line! Don’t forget, it’s free advertising if you want it. Just dial us up at (206) 202-3252. Mention The World Famous White Roof Radio someplace in your message and we’ll play it back and link up any website you want right here!

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