These new range of colors follow along the lines of the previous versions which were known “Fip Colours” in 2004 and then “Dreamline Colours” in 2007. This year MINI UK is back again with the same concept and three tweaked colors. The new marketing name is “Rainbow” paint options. For those that remember our report on the Dreamline colours in 2007, these typically cost around 8,000 pounds or over $14,000. Not a cheap option clearly.

>Official Release: From April 2010 MINI will introduce and new level of customisation and expression for those who want to take personalisation to a new level. Three new Rainbow paint options will offer a deeper dimension of reflective quality than ever before seen on a MINI. A water-based basecoat colour produces an amazing rainbow effect in bright sunlight that changes the character of the MINI completely. Available in three different colours – Sunlight Metallic, Asteroid Metallic and Nightlife Metallic – these unique paint finishes open a new chapter in MINI personalisation. Prices will be announced in March but, rest assured, it won’t cost the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

>“These Spring changes, available in March 2010, will enhance MINI’s attractiveness as we start this new decade,” said Jochen Goller, Director of MINI UK, “but it is only just the start. There are many exciting things happening at MINI during 2010 and there is much more fun on the way” he concluded.

We’ll have some real color news this coming Sunday.