It’s been too long since we featured some of the many questions we get here at MF. So this week we’re going to dust off the Ask MF feature and bring a few of them to you.

Today’s question comes from David in Texas:

>”Yesterday a large rock/missile hit my hood scoop and broke it clean off! The pieces flew over my windshield, but at least the rock did not hit any other part of my 2009 S.  The little plastic pins that held the scoop are gone too!  Any
ideas on replacements?  If I were to get a replacement would it come with the little plastic pins that hold the scoop on? I like the M7 Vortex scoop, but it is pricey.

We like your thinking David. Any time something breaks it’s an opportunity to make an upgrade. The pins will likely come with but even if they don’t, your friendly MINI parts department should have them on hand. If you’re staying OEM we like the carbon fiber scoop as it’s impervious to turbo heat and ads some texture to the front of the car. Otherwise you can go aftermarket and get something like the M7 Ram Scoop. However we’d not recommend it unless you’re running an appropriate intake kit like the M7 AGS-R or the Super AGS.

On a side note, has anyone else noticed how the JCW carbon fiber hood scoop has doubled in cost over the years?