Caught at a much better angle than before, this is the best look at the new 2014 F56 MINI. Crucially it gives us a better understanding of the overall shape of the car. As expected the F56 is very much an evolution of the R56 and R53. The big change we’ve been talking about for years but deserve to be mentioned here are the LED DRLs. The lower portion not lit up is reserved for the turn signal.

Having seen the car in person I can attest to the details taking some time to fully understand and appreciate. But given the change from the R53 to the R56 I would call this an even more evolutionary move by MINI and one that most will eventually see as very successful. In other words it looks great in person once you have some time to fully understand and appreciate the updated shape and new details.

Full hi-res image after the break.

But enough of our opinions. Have a look at the full 1500 px version here and let us know what you think in the comments section below.