Gabe was able to drive the MINI Cooper SE last week in Miami and we got to talk about it prior to his review going up on Motoringfile. We tried to cover the questions we think you guys would ask, but check the post on Motoringfile if you have any other questions. You can read his full review, complete with some amazing photos, at MotoringFile.

A few other things I want to remind you about. Todd, Chad and I FOR SURE will be in Las Vegas March 27th – March 29 at Palace Station and we are hoping that maybe you might be able to take some time and come hang out with us. Would be super rad and hope you can make it!

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For all of you that have kids or if you are child adjacent, then you really need to be handing out the MINI JCW Go-Kart out as gifts. From our friends over at OutMotoring.

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