More Countryman WRC Footage

And once again ladies and gentlemen, Markko Martin driving the hell out of the Countryman WRC. Look for the car to lose it’s camoflauge in a few months and make it’s rally debut in the first half of next year. Also be on the look out for a surprise concept based on the car above at the Paris Motorshow.

Now, turn it up and hit full screen. (more after the break)

  • Micah

    Sounds bad ass, but fails in the looks department IMO, at least in this stage of development. The four doors w/ chrome handles combined with a hatchback just don’t look right on a WRC race car. Of course what really matters is how it performs, but folks will be drawn to the brand based on its appearance too.

  • Nim

    I think you meant to post this video instead.

  • Avantone

    Some very nice HD content here with some very good shots of the car being worked on:

  • Nim
  • Best video (yet)…

    OH YEAH!!!!

  • goat

    Great to see that shape bombing those roads / trails!

  • O(=^=)O Capn

    I cried (literally) when I saw this.

    Ugly as a beaten step child. (MINI do something with that front end PLEASE!) but just what we need. An STI beater.