New World Record: 26 People in a MINI

Let’s be honest. The back seat in the MINI is a bit diminutive. However, that didn’t stop members of the Pilobolus Dance Company from cramming a world record-breaking 26 people into a standard MINI Cooper. That’s with doors shut and the roof closed, people. It’s quite a feat of human acrobatics. They don’t even fold the rear seats down. You can watch the video here and remember, the safety word is “pineapple.” (Video after the break)

  • Jon

    I really enjoyed watching that. The white skin-tight suits was a nice touch. What’s the point? Who cares…

  • JackMac

    Saw this last week from an EMC insider. How long with that record last, now that the MINI Cooper Countryman is available 😉

  • No wheel gap with 26 people sitting in the car.

  • Bilbo Bagginjs

    Countryman would be a totally different record.

    Just Amazing! Congratulations to EMC and the Pilobolus Dance Company. Well done!

  • Bilbo Bagginjs

    I think that they might have exceeded the maximum load limit by just a little.

    Surprised that they didn’t put blocks under the jack points.

  • I think I saw one guy… Lucky guy…;-)

  • My thoughts exactly.

  • lavardera

    yes, 25 thin and flexible girls + one volunteer

  • GregW

    Amazing dancers and Yoga people. Can’t see this being beat unless they get Mini-Me and a few of his fellow little people. This type of fun is more acceptable than the clown who won the MINI in later article.

  • CV

    Well, this certainly oughta qualify them for the carpool lane!

    But, who’s the driver?

  • I always think: “so what?” to stuff like this…

  • Lizzycaplon

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