Breaking: The 2015 MINI JCW Leaks (w/Gallery)

In the Automotive press world there are such things as embargoes. They allow the press to properly cover a subject with the appropriate time to not just write a cohesive piece but add intelligent and/or critical thought. They work great. Until someone breaks them. That happened this evening when when Australia’s accidentally hit publish on a story due next week. We imagine the black 7 Series are pulling up now to Carsales HQ and retribution will be swift. However for us that means we can publish a sneak peek at the new MINI JCW without such retribution. Now onto the details we’ve all been waiting for.


The 2015 MINI JCW will be the most powerful and fastest MINI ever produced. 230 HP and a 0-60 time of under six seconds signals that JCW is much more serious this time around. Here’s a quick run-through of the key stats:

  • 231hp via the 2.0L B48B20O0 engine
  • Peak power is spread evening from 5200rpm to 6000rpm
  • 236 ft lbs of torque at only 1250rpm (400rpm above idle)
  • Electronic differential standard (revised from the optional e-diff found on the Cooper S)
  • Engine mods include larger turbocharger mounted directly in the exhaust manifold, new pistons, revised camshaft timing, freer-breathing exhaust and a 10.2:1 compression ratio
  • 0-100km/h in 6.1 seconds. (0.7 seconds quicker than the Cooper S)
  • Available with both the manual & auto (the auto is both faster and more efficient)
  • The auto has been re-maped for near-instantaneous shifts
  • Revised gear ratios take advantage of the power and torque of the B48B20O0 engine
  • Despite the final-drive ratio being taller, all ratios in the auto are shorter than in the manual
  • 1205kg (2657 lbs) for the manual transmission and just 15kg (34 lbs) more in automatic form. The extra 45 kg (99 lbs) over the Cooper S are a result of larger brakes, more cooling and body stiffening.
  • Exclusive colors: Chili Red, Rebel Green
  • 17″ wheel standard, 18″ optional (shown)
  • Unique interior trim, seats and colors
  • Fender extensions necessitated by the slightly wider track.
  • More aggressive (ie different than the Cooper S) Sport Suspension standard, revised Dynamic dampers optional

The Timeline

While the JCW will debut at NAIAS in early January, we won’t see the JCW hit showrooms until March throughout Europe and late Spring in the North American market. Pricing should be consistent with the previous generation JCW albeit with a substantial performance boost making it a bit more or a financially interesting prospect.

We’ll have much more on the 2015 Cooper S (including our thoughts) shortly.







  • Chris Harte

    drool. I am guessing that rebel green is some sort of non metallic, similar to Connaught Green on the WC50? any pics or confirmation?

    • Tim van Rooyen

      I’m also frothing for the green!

    • Same. And no.

    • John McLauchlan

      According to the press release, Rebel Green is a metallic paint. Waiting patiently to see how close we get to a true BRG. MINI fans have been asking for this for years. Will MINI deliver with this new JCW-exclusive color?

      • Eric

        So beautiful Connaught green… but I bet it will be a sort of Jungle green, more “alive”

      • John McLauchlan

        Fans of Connaught Green are all about to be pleasantly surprised 😉

  • Kev50027

    Good to see they tamed that universally hated lower front facia. Now if only the rear lights were smaller and it had some (any) clutch and steering feel…

    • “tamed…lower front facia”

      I wish like cuss the facia had an underbite rather than an overbite. To my eye it accentuates the length of the bonnet far too much as it sits.

  • Tim van Rooyen

    Gallery still borked on safari mobile

  • jcwcoupe

    Dang!! Looks hot. Of course it figures I would like it. After just taking delivery of my R58 JCW haha. Those seats too! Does it get the trick exhaust with the valve for extra sound?

    I am also interested in that E-diff. I how good it is.

    • MisterRyan

      I was just thinking the same thing with the seats. It has me at hello!

  • ulrichd

    “Fender extensions necessitated by the slightly wider track.” Wish they would have gone for wider fender flares for a more aggressive look instead of the dainty little add-ons. It would also help set off the JCW visually from the lesser models.

    • I would suspect that they just wanted a wider track and the Japanese market law dictating fenders are so many mm wider than the track necessitated them.

      • ulrichd

        Wow, I have not heard of that. Between this and the euro pedestrian impact laws car designers are getting squeezed hard.

        • It’s been around awhile. Look closely at the Alpina 6 Series gran Coupe and you’ll see the cutest little fender extensions you’ve ever seen. Courtesy of this law.

          But yes… they are getting squeezed like crazy these days.

  • minicooperracer

    All I want for Christmas… Is you!

    Well done MINI, well done! I need to get those seats for my coupe.. drool

  • hemisedan

    Yes, I know it still has that Catfish snout on it, but you know, I like it. That Chili Red & Black, and being carried into the seats, look good too. It’ll be interesting to see what that Green looks like though. This just might change my mind from leaving Mini when my R59 lease runs out. Now for all the nay sayers to post.

  • Damn – look at those seats…!

  • jason

    Give it AWD and add 50HP. Not fast enough.Get it to 60 in under 5 seconds and you’ll have a winner. yeah yeah yeah I know…it’s all about the handling blah blah blah, but why not outperform the Golf r??? too bad.

    • Chris Harte

      I have lots of seat time in the MK6 Golf R. With bolt ons (APR stage2+), the Golf R is not that fast. My R53 is faster (road course talk) than an APR stage 2+ golf R when it was making 174whp almost 100k miles ago. To get a Golf R to where it should be (STI territory), budget about $15k in mods. Essentially you would only do this because you want a fast car and you want a Volkswagen, which is where it should have been from the factory, and not in comparison to a MINI. You can’t say the F56 JCW lacks in performance when comparing it to a Golf R, which is truly an under performer in its segment.

      • I was going to comment basically the same thing but I figured someone would eventually say it better than I could. The Golf R is a really nice car. But it’s not designed to be outright the fastest thing out there. Nor the most nimble. Nor does it possess the most feedback. Sometimes less is much more.

        • jason

          I hear you guys. I have 2007 Cooper S with a factory installed JCW tuning kit, and while it’s peppy, my 335xi feels like a rocket comparatively. Always find myself wishing I could have that engine in my Mini. I only mention the golf r because it seems the most direct competitor in the hot hatch segment, and the new one is going to be even more muscular. That being said, I’d rather have the mini. Now my debate is whether to buy the Cooper S and get the new tuning kit, or just wait for the JCW. Wonder how different they will drive?

        • Nick Dawson

          Last week’s Autocar magazine featured its favourite 50 cars currently on sale in the UK. I’m not going to list them all here, but suffice to say that the MK7 Golf R came in at Number 1. Yes it really is that good, and the judges’ decision was unanimous! Autocar said, “How do we know how good this car is? Because the tougher the test you set it, the better it feels; that’s the test that cannot be ducked, and it’s one that the Golf R tackles with indecent relish.”

          Autocar went on to say that, “Then there’s the balance. This car has four-wheel drive, so you expect it to understeer, but it doesn’t, it just steers. It’s not just capable; it’s massively, implausibly involving too.” Autocar concluded, “This may look like a Golf in running gear with a sharper set of spikes, but it’s not; it’s a landmark in real-world performance car design.”

          BTW, the MINI Cooper 1.5 came in well at Number 9, but Autocar was most specific that it was the only MINI to make it into its top 50 list.

  • Joseph Stepancic

    Dear Santa,

    I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve said about the new MINI over the past year or so. This looks much better. Not only does it look great, but it also is available with an auto so Kim can borrow my car now. See, I’m not just thinking of myself during the holidays. Please leave me on the good list.


  • heat_fan1

    I wonder if the 4-door will come along with it. Would be a nice surprise.

  • John McLauchlan

    Looks very close to the JCW Concept, with the exception of the area at the lower part of the rear bumper (view attachment).

    • Imagine that last pic but the black area is a big diffuser. Wouldn’t that be great for a GP around 2019?

      • robble

        That’d be a great accessory now.

        • Eric

          Up is the JCW kit, down is the jCW Pro kit 😉


    Looks like they dialed back the torque. Doesn’t this engine in the 2-series Active Tourer put out 258 lb-ft of torque?