The price of gas in the US is again on the rise. With that, we starting thinking about the MINI Cooper Diesel. As much as I hate to say it, we also need to remember that this is a car we won’t be getting in the US.

Now, before you start blaming MINI or BMW (again), you should go back and read this post:

>However there are some very specific and real reasons why we will not see this car without some major legislative change in several key states. The problem with diesel is tailpipe emissions, particularly smog causing NOx. Unfortunately, the MINI Cooper D does not comply with emissions regulations for all 50 states. So a very large portion of US MINI dealers could not sell it even if it were offered. This makes the federalization costs prohibitive for MINI USA to offer it in the US market.

While the MINI Cooper D has very low C02 emissions (some of the lowest out of any fuel-powered car, including most hybrids), the particulate emissions just aren’t low enough. States like California and Maine (plus about 8 others) have mandated that all passenger cars must meet the same low tail-pipe emissions, C02 and NOX, no matter what fuel they burn.

While the technology is available to scrub the particulates from the exhaust, it’s cost prohibitive for MINI to include it in cars for the US. And the demand for such a car, sadly, just isn’t there.

Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from making it known that you would like to have a MINI Cooper D in your driveway! Over 250 300 400 already have on this post from May 30th. Just because we aren’t getting it, doesn’t mean we can’t ask!


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