No it’s not a new model. It’s a Restaurant – the MINI Palais. We heard Dr. Kay Segler (MINI brand vice president) mention that the brand wasn’t done with branching out from the automotive world (MINI Lounge anyone?) but until now we haven’t seen the proof. Here’s an excerpt from today’s Adage on the new Parisian eatery:

>Ludéric founder-CEO Olivier Maurey explains: “The Grand Palais was refurbished in 2005, but when it reopened the following year, there was still some office space earmarked for redevelopment. When I heard it was available for creating a corporate entertainment space, I immediately thought of my client Mini. The Mini Palais would be a natural annex to the Grand Palais.”

>…The Mini branding consists of “subtle touches,” in Mr. Maurey’s words. The official Mini typeface crops up on the neon sign in the lobby, as well as on the menu and on the black T-shirts sported by the staff. Also in the lobby, a row of clocks resembles a Mini dashboard. There is a rack of Mini customer magazines outside the bathroom and Mini posters on the doors. And perched on a shelf in the dining area is a tiny retro refrigerator emblazoned with the Union Jack. There’s a full-sized version behind the bar.

>In keeping with that subtlety, there is no marketing for Mini Palais. Its brisk traffic is the result of word-of-mouth recommendations and the occasional restaurant review.

You can read more below:

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