According to Edmunds, it would appear that the US will be getting the JCW MINI at the same time as the UK, Europe and Japan.

> Good news for American Mini fans: the 208-horsepower Mini John Cooper Works cars are coming to the U.S. at the same time buyers in the U.K., Europe and Japan are getting them. That is to say, right now. The U.S. is Mini’s No. 1 market.

In fact, some of you have seen the cars at your local dealer already and some will even get to drive the new JCW this coming weekend at MTTS Chicago. But it wasn’t always this way.

>Previously, the JCW Performance package from the factory included just the engine upgrade, new exhaust and a few badges. The rest was left up to a search through the JCW catalogue for further dealer accessories, versus Europe and the U.K. where the JCW cars were fully tricked units with even more treats available.


>What this means to you: Since the U.S. sells slightly more Minis than the U.K. in a normal sales year, we finally get the goods to match the numbers.

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