The wagon is dead and the crossover continues to thrive. The truth is, MINI is bowing to pressure from the marketplace and turning its much loved (but slow selling) MINI Clubman into a small crossover similar to the Countryman.

MINI Clubman
MINI Clubman

In a wide-ranging interview on Autocar, Oliver Heilmer hinted that the next Clubman could move towards an SUV format.

How it will correspond wit the Countryman remains to be seen. However based on hints and rumors here’s what we think MINI has planned. We believe the next generation Countryman will grow in size (mainly length) and retain it’s place as the largest MINI.

We expect MINI to transition the Clubman into the crossover category but keep it shorter and more BMW X2 like to differentiate the two.

The other bonus rumor in all of this is the return of the Traveller name as an all electric crossover based on the next generation BMW 1 Series.

For those wanting a current generation Clubman you have some time. We expect production to cease in late 2021 or the first half of 2022.

MotoringFile Take

We’ve driven the entire range of MINIs and consistently come back to the Clubman as the best to own and live with on a daily basis. The hatch is special and the more rewarding drive. But it’s the combination of performance and utility in the Clubman that keeps us coming back (we’ve had three). The idea of MINI adding weight and height to the car saddens us greatly. We get the economics at play and the need to follow the market, but what happens when the market wakes up from its crossover craze and realizes what it means to enjoy driving while having space?