MINI is about to get bigger. For the last several years we’ve heard from our sources that MINI is planning an even larger crossover positioned above the Countryman. Now thanks to a new report from Autocar those plans have come more into focus. Key to this growth will be the addition of two crossovers to the line-up aimed at the Asian and North American markets.

The All Electric MINI Crossover (2022)

The first of these crossovers will be an all electric vehicle slightly larger than the current Countryman. The first fruit of the Great Wall joint venture, this new crossover will likely comes to market in 2022 and built on a shared (non-BMW) electric platform. This platform is also rumored to form the basis of a new BMW as well. While nothing is confirmed, the name Paceman could return with this new electric MINI.

The Return of the Traveler – The Big One (2024)

The second new crossover will be an internal combustion engined product based on an existing BMW platform. It’s unclear whether that’s the front wheel drive FAAR or the rear wheel drive CLAAR platform. To give you an idea of size, the latter underpins the X3 which would dramatically alter what we know MINI’s to be. As a rear wheel drive based platform it would be the biggest departure yet from MINI’s original concept. Whatever platform is used, the expectation is that this product (potentially to be called the Traveler) will be several feet longer than the Countryman and could even seat seven.

How could anything so large be called a MINI? Like the Countryman, MINI is looking to retain its brand identity by always being the smallest product in each category.

We expect the Traveler to be offered with a combination of ICE and hybrid drivetrains.

Mini crossover

3rd Generation MINI Countryman (2022)

The next version of MINI’s best selling product will be based on the FAAR platform that is currently under the skin of the 2 Series Gran Gran Coupe. Designed with more technology, comfort and performance, the next generation Countryman is intended to be the brand’s volume leader.