Official MINI Armrest Retrofit Instructions

Some how I have a feeling this will be a popular download. Here are the official instructions on the installation of the new, official MINI armrest. It should be available at US dealers shortly as an accessory and will be a factory option after 1/05. You can fine out more about the official MINI armrest in this previous article.

[Official MINI Armrest Retrofit PDF]
  • FYI the armrest will also be part of the premium package for both Convertibles in the US.

  • Excellent, the version I had was only in German. Perfect timing as my armrest should be arriving in the next day or two!

  • Kimes


    How would you compare the Outmotoring Arc armrest with the Official MINI one?

  • Good question… Personally I prefer the OutMotoring ARC Armrest for asthetic reasons. It's almost like having a sculpture in your MINI. I really don't need extra storage of the official armrest since I've added the parcel shelf and and the storage tray under the toggles.

  • RobO

    Is it just me or does the picture of the armrest on the MINI USA configurator look like the MINI Fini armrest instead of the official MINI armrest?

  • Harold

    Why must 4 screws be removed- 2 front and 2 rear- if the bracket attaches to the rear only? Thanks.

  • scott

    Harold – probably so you don't bend the seat rails when you lift them up in the back to slide the armrest bracket under.

  • Harold-the front screws do not need to be removed, just loosened to allow the seat to tilt forward enough to slide under.

  • AlanL

    I've read on other posts about the airbag sensors getting set off when you remove the seats. Will this require resetting the airbag light when we undo the seat rails? Or disconnecting the battery?

  • Harold

    Thank you for your replies.

  • RAF

    is it just me or does the MINI solution for an armrest seem rather clumsy…especially in regards to how it installs in the car.

  • Mark

    Will this still only fit the 05's?

  • hectic

    Is there any choice of color for the armrest? I have cordoba beige leather, it would be nice to have the armrest match..

  • Paul!

    I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be retrofittable to all MINIs. The seats didn't change.

    And as for the MINI configurator, I have a feeling that they put the MINI-FINI armrest picture in there as a 'placeholder', as in they didn't as yet have an official pic of the new armrest.

  • One quick observation gleaned from countless seconds of exhaustive analysis of the diagrams: it appears as though the entire arm rest will hinge up, not just the compartment cover. This is good news for those of us with multiple drivers who have constant need of adjusting the seatback angle.

    Theo 8^)

  • Volkan

    Hey Theo, Thanks for the analysis and the outcome. I was wondering about that myself as well. It would be great if the arm rest hinges up. Have you received a confirmation that your arm rest was shipped? I guess we will have the definitive answer once someone who ordered it via Alex receives it and reports back here 🙂 Thanks!

  • Volkan —

    Josh and I are expecting these babies to turn up today or Monday. We both have received information that they have been shipped. As soon as I unpack the box, I'll post to this thread with the verdict on the potential “hinge-up” feature.

    Theo 8^)

  • GW

    Anyone know what the pictures of the eyes with numbers, or TIS mean? I am looking over the instructions now, as Alex just emailed me stating he had the second load of armrests in. I sent him my info and will be getting mine shortly after I take delivery of my 05 MCS.

  • slh

    TIS==Technical Information System. Its how all BMW/MINI/Rolls technical/service/data information is managed. Its available online for a fee. The eye is a graphic for “look”. In this case eye ball with a number after it means look ahead to the referred to image. The eye followed by TIS i believe would mean, refer to the TIS for the tightening torque of those screws.

  • Volkan

    Thanks Theo. I look forward to your report… I would appreciate if you could also include how long it took for you to receive it after you sent your payment info to Alex. Thanks again! Volkan

  • Volk,

    So far its been just under 2 weeks. The armrest did not arrive today…fingers crossed for Monday.


  • It reads like the armrest as an accessory will be available before it comes out in factory units. Is that the case? And if so, when can we order one as an accessory.

  • GW

    Anybody received theirs yet? I picked up my MCS a couple of days ago and eagerly await Alex's shipping of the armrest, and in the meantime would love to hear others' experience putting it in.

  • Volkan

    I am also waiting for mine to arrive. I was hoping that somebody in US would have received theirs already…

  • AlanL

    Volkan – I too have not received my armrest, but I suspect I was in the second batch. There is a thread on where others are waiting; you might want to subscribe to it. I think it's called “2005 Mini Armrest”.

  • Volkan

    Thanks Alan! I just checked that thread on MINI2. Looks like lot of people are waiting for their armrest to arrive from Germany. Mine was in the second batch as well (which means that it will take even longer). I'll keep checking and wait patiently 🙂

  • Penny

    i received my armrest yesterday. if only i had my mcs to install it in! eta approx 3 weeks.