World Debut: The MINI Coupé Concept

Here they are, the images that many of us have been waiting for. The MINI Coupe Concept uses off the shelf parts (it’s based on an R57 JCW) and a bespoke roof to all give us an idea of what will be coming in the next 18 months with the production MINI Coupé drops. We’ll have more in the days and weeks ahead, but until then, here’s the official press release from MINI. And remember, we fully expect to see something very close to this car in production within 18 months.

Official Release: MINI is celebrating a great birthday: Exactly fifty years ago, on 26 August 1959, the classic Mini was presented to the public for the first time, a unique story of success starting out and today giving MINI the perfect opportunity to look ahead without losing sight of the brand’s great tradition.


The MINI Coupé Concept is an expression of MINI design and the great ability of the brand’s designers to fill the elementary values of the brand with new life, using the options of modern drivetrain and suspension technology, and developing fascinating perspectives for the future of the brand on this basis.

Presenting the concept of an uncompromisingly sporting two-seater to be seen for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show (17–27 September 2009), MINI is unveiling an unusually attractive vision of how the model family may well develop in future. The source of inspiration is once again the fundamental motive so characteristic of every MINI: driving pleasure. The MINI Coupé Concept therefore represents the ideal of a car destined in every respect to offer a thrilling experience and make every journey a truly unique thrill.


The MINI Coupé Concept brings together a wide range of features for a truly sporting and ambitious style of motoring. Limited to two seats and following a philosophy of consistent lightweight construction, the car clearly meets all the requirements made of a particularly active and dynamic coupé. Compact dimensions, perfect axle load distribution and a low centre of gravity offer ideal conditions for enhancing the agility typical of MINI to a level never seen before.

Through its design alone, the MINI Coupé Concept brings out all the thrill of individual mobility and the focus on pure driving pleasure. Powerful proportions and dynamic design language evoke a sense of desire and strong appeal, the MINI Coupé Concept offering a particularly undiluted expression of the brand through its sporting and unconventional stance on the road.


The MINI Coupé Concept: an invitation to enjoy spontaneous mobility.

With the growing model portfolio, the popularity of the MINI brand has also grown consistently in recent years. The MINI has moved beyond the restraints of urban mobility, opening up additional options and winning over new target groups. And MINI allows you to enjoy spontaneous mobility, sporting and agile handling and unmistakable style on virtually every occasion.

The current models in the range already meet the most varied demands. As individual characters in their own right, the MINI, MINI Clubman and MINI Convertible all offer a unique rendition of the driving experience so typical of the brand. And now the MINI Coupé Concept brings out driving pleasure in its most concentrated form, extreme lightweight technology making this two-seater particularly agile and unusually efficient. At the same time the low roofline, the precisely defined spoiler edge at the rear and other aerodynamic features enhance the car’s performance to an even higher standard. So that in its design and in the use of high-performance drivetrain technology, the MINI Coupé Concept offers ideal conditions as a compact sports car in the premium segment.


This two-seater is designed to accommodate even the most powerful engine currently available in the MINI – and with the 1.6-litre twin-scroll turbocharged power unit carried over from the MINI John Cooper Works, the MINI Coupé Concept offers truly outstanding performance. Maximum output is 155 kW/211 hp, peak torque 260 Newton-metres/192 lb-ft increasing through the Overboost function for a short while to an even more substantial 280 Newton-metres/206 lb-ft. And now the MINI Coupé Concept offers everything it takes to exceed even the supreme performance of the MINI John Cooper Works with this unique power unit.

At the same time this concept car clearly follows the BMW Group’s EfficientDynamics development strategy. More driving pleasure, lower emissions – the MINI Coupé Concept lives out this philosophy expressed by MINI as MINIMALISM in a particularly attractive manner.


Fifty years of MINI: a vision of tomorrow marking an anniversary of today.

Fifty years after the launch of the classic Mini, the appeal of the brand is greater than ever before, with the model range exuding sheer fascination wherever you go. And now, in the anniversary year of the brand, MINI is bringing together this unique tradition and the successful model range offered today with even greater creativity and technical innovation for a truly promising future.

The MINI Coupé Concept is a further milestone in this ongoing development of the brand. The car takes up elementary strengths of the MINI and, through its modern technology and an innovative body concept, offers new standards and characteristics never seen before. So that the MINI Coupé Concept offers many new highlights in adding yet a further character to the existing model range.


Exterior design: the look typical of MINI but with individual character.

The body design of the MINI Coupé Concept also bridges the gap from the earliest days of the Mini’s history all the way to the more distant future of the brand, emphasising the unique nature of the concept as well as its full membership in the MINI family. At the same time the individual and emotional design language arouses the expectation of a particularly thrilling experience on the road.

Especially at the front end of the car a number of icons typical of the brand, as well as the design style so characteristic of MINI, all come together to create a strong family resemblance. In addition, the individual look of the MINI Coupé Concept comes out also in the side view of the car as well as in the design of the rear end.

This unique new two-seater measures 3,714 millimetres (146.2″) in length and 1,683 millimetres (66.3″) in width. Height is 1,356 millimetres (53.4″). Through these dimensions and its athletic proportions alone, the MINI Coupé Concept stands out from the beginning as a compact and muscular sports machine.


The typical MINI look in particularly sporting style.

The new concept car carries over the unmistakable front end look from the four-seater MINI. Smoothly balanced contours on the engine lid characterised by wide and sweeping radii, the large headlights, the homogenous shape of the radiator grille and the wide lower air intake give each model that unique look, openness and charm so typical of the brand. Through the greater rake of the windscreen on the MINI Coupé Concept, the car looks even more striking and dynamic, the low and streamlined body proving clearly that the MINI Coupé Concept is a particularly outstanding performer.

The hexagon radiator grille and the large round headlights are unmistakable design features re-interpreting the front view of the classic Mini in particularly modern style. The direction indicators are integrated in the headlights, just above the innovative three-dimensional surrounds for the positioning lights and the foglamps. The entire front air dam has been adjusted to the sporting look of the car, standing out even wider and more striking than before.


The chrome radiator grille on the MINI Coupé Concept is the same as on the MINI Cooper S. The inner section in the grille is however finished with bars in body colour creating a clear sign of distinction at very first sight from the other members of the MINI family. The bonnet stripes also extend into the radiator grille to provide an even more sporting and dynamic touch.

With its very dynamic curvature and the stylised opening, bearing testimony to the power of the engine lurking within, the front lid likewise comes in the same look as on the particularly powerful versions of the MINI.


Individual roofline as a sign of sporting presence.

The side view of the MINI Coupé Concept also brings together features typical of the MINI family and new highlights in design to form a fascinating whole. The front side panels, for example, come straight from the MINI Convertible. The body joint forming the diagonal line characteristic of every MINI along the front lid and the surrounds on the front side indicators bearing out the style of the MINI Cooper S again provide an unmistakable sign of distinction with historic roots – here the classic Mini had a visible welding seam along the body.

The familiarity in design resulting from these features forms an attractive contrast to the far greater rake of the A-pillars leading into the brand-new, sweeping line of the roof.

Large wheels and a high waistline already give the MINI, the MINI Clubman and the MINI Convertible a particularly powerful and sporting look, with the black strip around the lower section of the body underlining this compact appearance and short body overhangs front and rear emphasising the athletic stature of the car and bearing testimony to that typical go-kart feeling at very first sight.

All this now comes out even more convincingly in the MINI Coupé Concept, also through the unique flow of the roofline. The glazed section of the passenger cell referred to as the greenhouse, for example, is much lower and even more dynamic than on the brand’s “regular” models.


Another feature of the MINI Coupé Concept is the strongly inclined windscreen merging gently into the roof. At the rear the roofline initially moving straight back above the heads of the driver and front passenger flows on into the sturdy C-pillar. The entire roof with all its contours thus comes in a bridge shape quite unmistakable and featured for the first time on the MINI, made up of a strong rear cornerstone formed by the C-pillar and the almost filigree structure above the passenger cell.

The C-pillar is a strong visual expression of the particularly solid and torsionally rigid body structure providing not only superior occupant safety, but also the agility typical of MINI in fast manoeuvres. The C-pillar very powerful in design serves at the same time to guide your perspective towards the rear end of the car, while the side view of the MINI Coupè Concept forms a very strong and convincing wedge shape created by the roofline tapering out to the rear and the waistline rising up slightly in typical MINI style.

All this gives the MINI Coupé Concept a forward-moving impression right from the start, the car clearly expressing its power and muscle even at a standstill. Through its design alone, therefore, the MINI Coupé Concept authentically visualises sporting qualities of the highest standard.


Striking contours and smooth flow of air ensured by the roof spoiler and the rear spoiler edge.

The rear-end design of the MINI Coupé Concept consistently follows the need to optimise the flow of air in the interest of both driving dynamics and efficiency. The principle of “form follows function” so essential to MINI, the look and design of various body elements, fully reflects the characteristic features and qualities of the car. Through its design alone, therefore, the MINI Coupé Concept clearly confirms its sporting potential in a particularly credible and convincing manner.

The rear spoiler with its wing profile at the same level as the C-pillar also makes a particularly effective contribution in guiding the air along the rear end of the MINI Coupé Concept. This large air guidance element spans the entire width of the roof, increasing aerodynamic downforce on the rear axle.

Tapering down elegantly, the rear window on this unique two-seater merges into a short and low rear end with staged contours in typical coupé design. Again, this follows the overriding objective to ensure an optimum flow of air without any turbulence harming the car’s aerodynamics – which is also why the air spoiler on the rear panel is appropriately sharp and clear in its profile.


Beneath the air spoiler at the rear the overall look and design of the MINI Coupé Concept follows the typical philosophy of the brand. Horizontal lines running parallel to one another emphasise the wide track of the car, the body growing wider from top to bottom in cascading style highlighting the muscular stance of the car resting on its wheels in that characteristic style.

The rear light clusters in upright arrangement and surrounded by a wide chrome frame are also typical of the brand. The rear air dam on the MINI Coupé Concept, in turn, comes with a diffuser split up into two sections and ensuring a smooth, swirl-free flow of air beneath the car.

Impressively functional: wide-opening tailgate, 
generous luggage space. The tailgate on the MINI Coupé Concept is yet another highlight of the car. Deliberately foregoing the rear seat bench, this unique two-seater offers lots of additional space for taking along all kinds of luggage.

Luggage capacity is 250 litres or 8.8 cu ft. To use this space most conveniently, the rear end of the MINI Coupé Concept comes with a large and wide-opening tailgate. Hinged above the roof spoiler, the entire tailgate including the rear window swings up gracefully, offering convenient access to the generous luggage space behind the rear seats of the car. And thanks to the low loading sill, accessing the luggage compartment with even heavy and bulky objects is significantly easier.


The complete design of the rear end with its large tailgate is yet another example of the functional design so typical of MINI. All options offered through the concept of the car are optimised to the highest standard through carefully thought-out solutions and a good overall balance. Indeed, this principle already to be admired on the brand’s existing models, for example through the easy-load function on the MINI Convertible, makes a significant contribution to the overall substance of the car. The result is a wide range of innovative solutions quite unique in the market, emphasising the premium character of the MINI brand.

On the MINI Coupé Concept this philosophy is borne out by yet another distinctive feature providing extra space and practical value: The bulkhead between the passenger and the luggage compartments comes with a lockable opening. The through-loading provided in this way, quite unusual on a two-seater coupe, gives the driver and passenger direct access even while driving to travel items they are taking along in the luggage compartment. So that bags with, say, beverages, a music CD or maps are stowed away safely but always within easy reach.

Interior: sports car ambience with an exclusive range of colours and materials.

The MINI Coupé Concept combines the vision of a compact sports car with thrilling agility, on the one hand, and the individual flair and style of the MINI, on the other. Through its entire concept, the car is perfectly designed to offer concentrated driving pleasure of the highest standard. This is borne out not only through the extroverted exterior in its fascinating, sporting look, but also through the interior conceived from the start for active motoring.


Wide-opening doors give the driver and passenger convenient access to the interior, where they enjoy sports seats with strongly contoured side supports for a secure seating position even in particularly fast bends. A three-spoke leather sports steering wheel with multifunction buttons enables the driver to steer precisely into bends and control the audio or communication functions with maximum ease. All other control units, in turn, are arranged ergonomically on the dashboard, taking their frequency of use into account.

The breakdown of the cockpit, the dashboard and centre console again follows that special interior design so typical of MINI. Horizontal lines and air vents placed far to the outside emphasise the sheer width of the instrument panel and, at the same time, the generous style of the interior, the slender centre console giving the driver and passenger maximum legroom. The structure of the door linings so typical of the brand, finally, has also been re-interpreted, with the elliptic main element now completely closed in.


The MINI Coupé Concept also comes with a large rev counter directly behind the steering wheel, while the speedometer is part of the central instrument in the upper section of the dashboard. This circular instrument well known as the Center Speedo also houses the audio system as well as the optional entertainment and navigation functions.

Two Chronoswiss clocks to the right and left of the rev counter provide a close link to earlier concept cars by MINI, bridging the gap between the analogue age of the classic Mini and the digital age of the MINI. One clock is a purpose-built stopwatch for taking lap times, the second clock shows the time in classic style.

The colours and materials featured inside the MINI Coupé Concept symbolise the classic sportiness of the car. Like the dashboard, the roof lining of this unprecedented two-seater comes in black providing a calm atmosphere just right for concentrating on driving conditions and essential requirements. Black trim bars combined with a carbon interior trim strip, finally, further enhance this purist look.


Lightweight construction and modern suspension technology 
providing a new feeling of go-kart driving.

The MINI Coupé Concept is definitely a MINI and definitely a sports car. The particular charm of this combination results from both the drivetrain and the suspension technology already featured in the current production models, as well as the special highlights of this two-seater concept car.

Over and above their body design, the MINI, MINI Clubman and MINI Convertible already set the standard today for agility and driving pleasure in their respective segments. Powerful engines and suspension technology quite superior in the small car segment then ensure a truly unique driving experience. Front-wheel drive, powerful disc brakes on all four wheels, the front axle with McPherson spring struts and a centrally guided rear axle with aluminium longitudinal arms and anti-roll bars set the foundation for uniquely safe and agile handling.

EPS Electronic Power Steering with speed-related power assistance, finally, ensures precise manoeuvring round bends and gives the driver exact feedback at all times on road and driving conditions. At the same time on-demand management of steering assistance serves to maximise the car’s efficiency.

The MINI Coupé Concept offers ideal conditions for raising the go-kart feeling created by the car’s drivetrain and suspension technology to an even higher standard. Its entire construction is based on a lightweight concept reducing weight particularly where it really counts for even greater agility. As an example, this two-seater comes with an aluminium roof not only optimising the overall weight of the car, but also lowering the car’s centre of gravity for a significant reduction of body movement and optimised driving behaviour.

Since lower weight also means greater efficiency, the MINI Coupé Concept again offers the option to combine even greater driving pleasure with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduced to a minimum as an important sign of our times.


Traditional values, modern quality, progressive concept.

Sporting success and agile handling of the highest standard are significant highlights in the history of MINI now going back five decades – and both factors have made a fundamental contribution to the ongoing popularity of this small premium car.

Three overall wins in the Monte Carlo Rally and the concept of driving pleasure expressed so clearly by the car’s go-kart feeling definitely confirm the sporting potential of this small compact both back then and today. The anniversary year is therefore the ideal time to present the MINI Coupé Concept as the vision of an uncompromisingly active sports car.

Another concept car presented even before the re-launch of the MINI brand proves that this philosophy has always fuelled the creativity of the MINI’s designers: The MINI Concept Monte Carlo presented in 1997 was a two-seater with a 160-hp mid-mounted engine. Through its design alone, this concept car already came with a wide range of features destined to be taken up again by the first MINI, short body overhangs front and rear, round headlights and the re-interpretation of the hexagon radiator grille providing an outlook at important styling elements on the production model to follow later. With its extremely powerful body and direct references to motorsport, the MINI Concept Monte Carlo also made a clear pledge to the rally history of the brand.

Now the MINI Coupé Concept, through its unique look, takes up the almost aggressive and extroverted appearance of that former concept car, at the same time providing a new link between the history, the present and the future of the brand. It takes up traditional values of the MINI brand and combines them with the most advanced technologies to offer a fascinating vision of how the MINI model family may continue.

Once again, therefore, MINI is following the needs and wishes of new target groups fully appreciative of the individual style of the brand and associating this character with clearly defined product features. The MINI Coupé Concept addresses the motorist thrilled by that unique combination of driving pleasure, lifestyle, and premium quality so typical of MINI and, at the same time, looking for sporting driving qualities of an even higher standard.

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You can download the full hi-res here.


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    This thing rocks! It’s all MINI yet different, fun, and looks super speedy. BRG with silver roof and beige leather.

    Plus the dash seems to have the black HVAC controls that were on that Rolls version preview- probably a mid-cycle update that will be welcomed!

    Now how can I justify this car!!!…

  • Steve

    Looks sharp but doesn’t look friendly for us 6 footers.

  • Chris B.
    Nice, but since most MINI drivers (I believe) drive with one or 2 people only, why is this necessary.

    It’s all branding my friend. MINI is a novelty choice and this car merely accentuates the fact. In other words this car just up’s the “coolness” of MINI’s “cool” factor.

  • BSUCardinalfan

    and it should be lighter, which means faster and better handling.


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    This could grow on me but it’s sexed up with full aero kit, 18″ wheels and a lower ride height. Don’t care for the bright blue, let’s see it in black with carbon fiber roof.

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  • JMills

    Not as bad as I thought it would be. I was expecting something more radical, at least in concept form, in the same way the 2006 Traveler concept was very different from the production Clubman. Not too bad at all, pretty much stock R56/R57 JCW on the bottom half. Not sure if it would sway me away from a regular coupe though. If I’m going to lose cargo space then I might as well go for a Miata, or whatever other rwd roadster is available that I can afford.

  • JonPD

    Ok after spending time with the design just have to say Mini has me pretty damned impressed! I am seeing a lot here that I adore already. I would love to see Mini to put an ampersand on this car and not leave it being only a factory JCW but to develop this into the highest performance car of the brand.

    It already has less weight so its already nicely on the way. Would love to see this car escort the JCW name into a true /M quality car for the Mini brand. I also second the idea of bringing on a carbon roof to drop some more mass.

    A very happy birthday Mini, the hate I have for the R60 is well offset by the love I have for your beautiful concept.

  • The MINI emblem brake calipers are nice too, too bad it’s just a concept

  • JonPD

    Also some general stats

    R56 width 66.3″ Coupe 66.3″ R56 length 150″ Coupe 146.2″ R56 height 55.4″ Coupe 53.4

    So same width, 3.8″ shorter in length, and 2″ shorter in height.

    Gabe what is the model number on this concept?

  • danny

    Ok. I took the first image above into photoshop and erased the stripes.

    NICE. Love it even more. I’m not one for stripes but as someone said above, put this in BRGreen and can the roof be white? or not possible?

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    It’s a MINI CRX!

  • Steve

    Show it to me without the silver roof. With a black roof, I think it would look great. The Audi R8 is a good looking car, but the silver panel behind the door does not help the looks. Someone will photo shop the roof in the same black as the A, B and C pillars.

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    I wonder if they’ll also add another spoiler on the back…

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    If it really is a little shorter I wonder where they got those inches from?

    And I’m amazed nobody has maligned it for the same old R56 center stack.

  • JonPD

    Good question Lav

    No reason for maligning the center stack, think everybody here already understands this car will come out on the far side of the mid-cycle redesign (which from what I have read is one of the points they are working on). The dash is just the current R56 dash with different trim.

    Amazingly the black trim actually looks much better on this than on the R56 not really sure why that is to my eye. Nice to see the brake ducts in the front air dam too.

  • Chris B.

    How fitting, Marcus Syring, designer of the Z3 also designed this car.

  • Goat

    Based on the concept, which does look very close to what production could build, good old days are back in the MINI division! The chopped roof is perfect – thanks for checking that it’s a full 2″ lower overall than regular R56 jonpd – “you’re my fact-checking cous”. (pavement song for those that remember). Stance on that suspension is perfect. Hope that makes production too. Overhangs are short again too! So happy to hear roof is lightweight and sans sunroof – the mass shift on turn-in should be noticeably improved. It should feel much more intimate and purposeful with the 2 seats, the bulkhead, the lower and anthracite roofline – wonderful for those of us raised on proper 2 seated sports coupes. Can’t wait to drive this down the road and compare feel (and price) with BMW Z2! :). (P.S. As for the simple change of running gloss black resin in the HVAC control molds – like I always said – it does wonders and is easy to implement as a running change… was that so hard MINI?! looking forward to rest of midcycle interior refresh.)


    wow, this is laughable…. the only uglier profile i’ve seen in all my years was citroen ami 6 (i think that was the name). it’s basically a mini convertible with ugliest possible roof fitted to it…it is disgusting!!!! i’d rather be seen in a gremlin.will never want one.

  • Beautiful car. It does look like it may be a little short for us taller guys but maybe its just an optical illusion from the design.

  • 777

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    How much will this run, 50-60k? 🙂

    Very impressive Mini!

  • that.guy

    Jesus. That roof looks like a bad toupee.

  • Chris B.
    Beautiful car. It does look like it may be a little short for us taller guys but maybe its just an optical illusion from the design.

    A production version would likely use lower seats.

  • b.nystedt

    Well, the only problem I have with it is that the colour contrast roof really draws my eye to how odd the greenhouse outline is. I think it will look more kickass in a solid colour. Also, they keep talking about how lightweight it is but where are the numbers?

  • C. Batayola

    Am I alone here thinking this is an odd looking car? It looks like a mini with a comb-over. Or a mini wearing a football helmet? Does sound like it would be a fast helmet however.

  • JonPD

    Don’t know about that Chris, the base platform is basically a R56 and the seats look like they are stock with a custom cover so likely similar. However with the fact its a two seater maybe the seats incline a tad more. Should be cool to see how this develops to a production car. Just hoping they keep the stilts out of the suspension so lowering springs don’t have to be a first purchase like the R56 is to me lol.

  • Chris B.

    If they use different seats with less cushioning say perhaps like something on offer from Sparco or Recaro then achieving a lower seating position should be relatively easy.

  • Steve S

    Except for the toupee roof it looks good.

  • If this car makes it to Detroit, I just may have to as well. Looking at the character this car has, it might be a really tough choice between this and the speedster soft top. I’m just so excited that MINI is taking the risks and being bold with plans for a car like this. Fabulous. Time to start squirreling away a deposit, as I think there is definitely one of these non-Cooper MINIs in my future. Between this and the thought of a diesel Countryman, I’m really excited about the direction MINI seems to be headed.

  • Like a few other posters, I too feel like the roof line is the only thing not “perfect” for me. Can’t put my finger on it at this time (also not old enough to get jimskater’s Rover reference).

    I also agree with comments that this model would be awesome as the super top of the line MINI option.

    Would I buy one? (assuming I could muster up the payments?) In two seconds!

  • minibear

    That roofline makes an Aztek look beautiful in comparison. Looks like something designed while on bad acid.

  • are we sure they didn’t let Puegeot/Renault design the car along with building the engine. that square arse is a bit megane-ish. well, not that bad but the sharp squarish-ness frightens me. and the roof line looks like a Z3 roadster with the bolt on hardtop.

    i guess i’d have liked to see some more custom sheet metal instead of 2/3s of an R56 wearing a silly hat. maybe, as stated above, an all black roof but without the spoiler. i feel the spoiler does just that, ruins the lines down to the boot lid.

    but, as with all MINIs, i’ll have to see it in person to make my final decision.

  • well, at least the windshield will not get as many rock chips!

    Hate the carolina blue with as much disgust as I can muster.

  • agranger


    Looks like an R56 convertable with a bad hardtop nailed on. Honestly, if I hadn’t known that the official images were going to be released, I would have thought that these were a bad photoshop job from one of the cut-rate auto web blogs.

    Only 2 words come to mind: “Epic” and “Fail”

  • agranger

    Actually… I should say that I like the color and the stripe styling with the dark headlights. That would look nice on an R56.

  • I’d really like to see a poll for how many “love” or “hate” this design.

  • nickminir56

    Not bad! I really like those rims.

  • jimskater


    Here’s the concept:


    1997, so it’s not that old.

  • I see absolutely little to no similarity between the Monte Carlo Concept and the Coupe Concept other than the fundamental body style configuration. That said the Monte Carlo is tons more original than just about anything else outside of the funky roof design on the Coupe Concept.

  • Minicobra1

    Wow, is this a joke. LOL concept, put a toupee or a baseball cap on an R56 and call it a concept. I want that job. I guess I need to see this one in person, but this one just looks out of proportion. It definitely looks like a Mini, but it’s like someone put an aftermarket roof on one, or rolled it. Can we just lower the beltline an inch or two, make the fenders bulge out about and inch.(to accommodate slightly wider tires) not such a steep rake on the hatch, and please, please, please, give it a slight bump in hp, maybe 25 more, bringing it to 236hp, make sure it’s at least 150lbs lighter, and sell base model for $30K. Ok, now, where do I sign up. 🙂

  • robble

    more to say later when i have time but for now @DROOL@

  • Drill

    On first look I saw the front end and thought… what’s the difference. My eyes then traveled to the roofline and I utter a quiet “WTF!?!” Upon further inspection however I find that I really like it (even with the funky roofline).

  • @jimskater: oh that Rover concept! I didn’t care or know a R/A about cars until I got a MINI, which explains my ignorance. 🙂

  • SFRedMCc

    Great article! I think this must be the all time winner for the number of responses.

    I agree with a few of you, that the silver roof really does look like a bad toupee or weird helmet. If you eliminated those contrasting stripes and painted the roof black, I think it would really clean up the design, which I think is a bit fussy as presented.

    They’re also calling it a Coupe; and since it has a “tailgate hinged at the spoiler”, it really is a hatchback, which is definitely more practical and good idea.

  • neejoe

    Carbage! It looks like Opel Tigra.

  • robble
    Nice, but since most MINI drivers (I believe) drive with one or 2 people only, why is this necessary.

    you answered your own question.. Why would 3 people need a two seater?

    I like the gold roof! I hope this MINI makes it to production, I will be first on the list.

    too late to be first on the list. There are probably a few on it already.

    Sorta reminds me of the Dodge Neon SRT4 which I liked design wise

    audi TT maybe but srt4? sheesh

    wow, this is laughable…. the only uglier profile i’ve seen in all my years was citroen ami 6 (i think that was the name). it’s basically a mini convertible with ugliest possible roof fitted to it…it is disgusting!!!! i’d rather be seen in a gremlin.will never want one.

    Please unplug your network cable and never post on the internet again.

  • A beautiful birthday celebration car!

  • rkw

    I’m viewing this as the 2nd gen GP. There are similar characteristics to the GP: two-seater, a slight improvement (not dramatic) in weight and performance, and styling quirks that get people riled up. Hopefully it will also have a reasonable pricetag like the GP.

  • MJulian

    If this doesn’t vary too much from concept to production and is priced right, I could see one of these in my garage. I love it. Also looking for to LCI Update for the R56 after seeing new touches to the interior on this concept.

  • Veggivet

    I like everything except the roof, assuming the center stack is redesigned. If MINI can tweak this so it loses the toupe look, this might be the next MINI to add to my garage…I’m thinking track MINI all the way here. I don’t think MINI would let this roll out without sufficient headroom for us 6 footers. Fingers crossed until I can see it live and in person, as they say. Don’t forget to redesign that center stack, MINI!!

  • Seeing the MINI with it’s current design, I didn’t think it would be possible to pull off the lower, sleeker Coupé roof line. Looks like they did a great job and I’m happy with the look.

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  • Appmacguy

    Hi Guys,

    I have had a go and some photoshop work on the roof, see what you think and let me know. It is the 1st pic, the 2nd and 3rd are only a change of colour.


  • rhawth99

    I really love the look of this – very nice design. I would have liked to have seen a picture of the boot area with the hatch open. I could definitely see this parked in my garage if they keep the price reasonable.

    According to the 2009 owners manual, the MCS is also 146.2 inches in length so this is exactly the same length. The height is reduced by 2 inches.

    Thanks for the pictures and article, Gabe.

  • Chris

    Poltrona Frau seats I see………nice………..

  • dave

    so basically, below the beltline, it’s the same as a regular r56. above it is this rakish roof? i fully champion the idea, and this looks pretty fun as a chop job, but as a production model, it looks pretty bizarre. in fact, it looks totally like a photoshop’d job

  • rosvick

    I haven’t read a word yet (no time), but the photos are fantastic! I want one in the worst way now!

  • eager2own

    Not loving it — and not as radical below the belt line as I had hoped… but it gives me some hope for the speedster, which I think will look better in that roofline. If they were to develop this as a lighter, performance oriented vehicle, the speedster will be awesome.

  • scott27

    We still have the Speedster to show. Both Speedster and Coupe will be shown @ the IAA.

    Coupe, Roadster or Both?

    “Aside from being a birthday present, the 2009 Mini Coupe Concept is a serious design proposal. In fact, it will be shown at Frankfurt in the company of a roadster concept. “This roadster showcar has not been finished yet,” Hildebrand tells us. He’s about to go on, when one of the BMW executives present warns him against continuing. But someone else in the studio tells us that eventually, they will decide to build either the coupe or the roadster. Or both. Or neither.”

  • JonPD

    As for price point I am still betting this comes in under the R60 personally. Mini will also stack the car with every engine option likely to give it a wide variety of performance and prices. I for one would love to see them work this into a proper sports car.

    One thing in the article that stuck in my throat.

    “To use this space most conveniently, the rear end of the MINI Coupé Concept comes with a large and wide-opening tailgate. Hinged above the roof spoiler, the entire tailgate including the rear window swings up gracefully, offering convenient access to the generous luggage space behind the rear seats of the car.”

    Lol I know what they are trying to say “to the rear of the front seats” but makes this sound like it has a backseat which it obviously doesn’t have.

  • Gary

    I wonder if the passenger seat folds forward enough to accommodate a set of golf clubs loaded thru the hatch. If so, we have a winner. I’ve started saving for a down payment.

    It would take time to acclimate to the roof line, although in a solid dark or body color it’s acceptable. Maybe just find a way to smooth the point behind the front window (BTW, without making it look like a WWII German infantry helmet).

    The way the trim is colored on the center stack goes a long way in improving the look. Should have done this on the R56 a long time ago.

  • iNomis

    Good start. Very unique. Rear deck, trunk lid needs more beauty. Wonder how much lighter it would be? I can’t imagine more than 50lbs or so unless they do more than make the roof from aluminum.

  • GSP

    If “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, then I must be blind! More than anything this strikes me as the result of a bean counter’s efforts to design a car, or “let’s see how little we can change and still call it ‘new'”. Beltline up : yeah, it’s new. It’s also fugly.

  • badburro

    Great looking car. Would like to see a covertible based off of the Coupe.

    My concern is that after a few options are added, we’ll be looking at a car in the $45K range. Seems like MINI is leaving the affordable category and getting itself into the luxury performance category with each new model.

  • Enzo65

    I wish they were a little more creative with this and used fewer off the shelf parts. Length and width are same dimensions as Cooper S. The beltline and below are old and will be even more so in 18 months when this car is launched. I hope they at least alter the dynamics and give this car some character in the same manner as the R53 having character. Sorry to be negative but I was really looking forward to this car and now I see the result is mostly a wasted opportunity.

  • SVAN

    Made in China or Audi TT? The claim is not reasonable.

  • nickmini

    According to edmunds insideline, this baby is 175-200lbs lighter than a regular JCW without going through EXTREME weight saving like Renault did on Meganne R26(no radio/electric stuff, plastic rear windows etc.).

  • blitzcat

    The wider automotive press is going to beat this thing with a stick, and they should. Futures retrospectives on concept cars will make fun of it. Absolute yuk- it looks like the villain in The Fifth Element.

  • AN

    I like the idea. I think I’ll like it more as a convertible than hardtop, though hard to say with the roof in the contrasting color. Glad they’re doing it, but reserving judgement for the moment.

  • bee1000

    It would look better without the glass that extends onto the rear deck. Just end it at the C pillars and lose the roof-mounted wing. Then lose the chrome beltline and you’re getting close to something decent. No doubt the convertible will be better-looking (it almost has to be).

    Credit to Mini for making something smaller and lighter…now how about moving to something smaller, lighter, more efficient and more affordable!

  • I like it!


    1. The roofline needs to blend into the body. As others have commented, it’s just too goofy and disconnected from the body lines with the contrasting pillar and contrasting roof. Toupee or baseball cap: spot-on, and awkward.

    2. Will I be able to get inside? A prime buyer for this car is an old guy like me: tall, with a stiff back, cruising down Highway 1, reminiscing of the good, old days. I can’t buy a car if the roof hits me at ear level when I try to get in.

    3. Will I be able to afford it? Is it intended for an upscale audience only, or is this a sporty car “for the rest of us”?

    I’m really looking forward to this one being my next MINI!

  • JonPD

    No reason to assume this is going to be the most expensive Mini, I would lay $20 down on the fact that the R60 will hold that honor.

  • Les Campbell

    Yes this is a bit out there, but so was Star Wars in the late 70’s and it was a hit. I actually like the roof if it might say so. Plus, I love the interior leather seats in this. It’s so different and I just want to feel them. Is that leather I see on the dash too? Nice!

  • Poerboy

    Man, I can’t WAIT to see the Stig shoot a lap in the JCW version of that thing.

  • Hector M.

    Wow I love that car. It may not be far from what the end product may be.

  • cct1

    I like the direction this is going in, but this isn’t the version I’d buy (I wonder if the car will have an option for a rear spoiler delete–that roof line would look much better if the spoiler was absent.).

    But the fact remains it’s tooled together from the R56 platform, much like the R53 convertible was; it shows. Again, it’s a step in the right direction, I love the idea, but I’d wait on this until the next generation MINI is out. By then hopefully the next platform will have this in mind at the beginning of the cycle, rather than a model added on to the end of the cycle, with all its inherent compromises.

  • lavardera

    Well I slept on it. I like it, but I don’t love the helmet like image of the roof. I understand the desire to hold on to the contrasting roof color as its a big part of Mini’s image, but I think violating the horizontal line of the gutter is not successful here. In terms of overall shape I like the roof spoiler integration, but again they may be forcing it on the car. All in all I think the cockpit shape of the original Audi TT was more successful, if not an order of magnitude more boring than this. But I wonder how this would look with a simple and graceful fastback – put the scoopy wing at the back of the car and let the roof flow.

    Glad its a hatchback though – even if they don’t want to use that taboo language “hatchback”.

    Frankly I’m surprised a cottage industry of fastback caps for the convertible has not already sprung up. Instant coupe.

  • Minipuma

    Looks a bit freaky to me. I think it would make a better impression if it wasn’t such an R56 below the beltline, cosmetically. As it is I’m getting a Frankenstein effect — somebody chopped the head off a hatchback and bolted somebody else’s head on in its place (with a toupee!).

    Anyway, seems that it has many fans on here so glad of that. Personally I think the original Broadspeed (as pictured in an earlier motoringfile article) was freaking gorgeous, so I knew I was bound to be disappointed on some level as the odds of them matching that aesthetic were slim to none. As it is this doesn’t really have anything to do with that car at all. It’s closer in spirit to the Volkswagen BlueSport or something of that nature.

  • Ellis

    Don’t like it. I still likes the my R56 Hardtop and in I rather get the Elise than this one as a second car.

  • Hector M.

    Please MINI make it rear wheel drive.

  • lavardera

    Also should note that the blue, grey, and red paint in the photos looks decidedly low gloss. Any chance that will make it to production?

  • @lavardera: That’s just the camera and filter used in the photography.

    But the fact remains it’s tooled together from the R56 platform, much like the R53 convertible was; it shows. Again, it’s a step in the right direction, I love the idea, but I’d wait on this until the next generation MINI is out. By then hopefully the next platform will have this in mind at the beginning of the cycle, rather than a model added on to the end of the cycle, with all its inherent compromises.

    This car will be coming out just before the R56 is replaced in two years. Furthermore this may just be a one generation thing. In other words don’t expect to see a coupe version of whatever replaces the R56. From 2012 to 2016 may be the only chance you have to get a MINI Coupe… and you’re looking at it right here.

    I’d be interested to know of those who like this design how many are Mark II owners, and of those who dislike the the design (and think it relies far too heavily on current model features) are Mark I owners. Count me in the latter group wholeheartedly … very disappointed in the complete lack of new ideas.

    The thing we all have to remember is that this is a car that was created on a small budget by a small number of people. That meant it had to be completely based on the R56/R57 and use as many off the shelf parts as possible. In addition the concept car you see above came to together very very quickly. Perhaps more so than any other car MINI has ever produced. That is why you see nothing really new outside of the roof architecture. This likely will change slightly for the production version.

    Ask yourself this… would you rather have MINI do nothing, or something like the coupe above. Because with the budget and the staff that is available that’s the decision they had to make.

  • why not use the fold down tailgate from the conv so we have the convienience of a trunk as well as a hatchback. tailgate folds down,hatch glass goes up.

  • Goth

    I’d be interested to know of those who like this design how many are Mark II owners, and of those who dislike the the design (and think it relies far too heavily on current model features) are Mark I owners. Count me in the latter group wholeheartedly … very disappointed in the complete lack of new ideas.

  • Goth

    To be honest, from a designer’s perspective … I’d rather they concentrate on improving the existing line design wise than doing cheap knockoffs of an already watered down concept. The brand is quickly losing it’s novelty for me.

  • eager2own

    By the way, I do like the “R53-style slat grill” (or R56 non-S) and the joey-modded headlights.

  • Eliot R.
    Hi Guys, I have had a go and some photoshop work on the roof, see what you think and let me know. It is the 1st pic, the 2nd and 3rd are only a change of colour. Cheers!

    So much better! With that classic roof, it gives your eyes the ability to process things about the design that aren’t that bad.

    But with the Concept’s roof, that thing is just too awkward looking. But if it drives different enough, it probably won’t matter. I just don’t want this to be a design statement more than a performance statement.

  • Hunter99

    I like the look. It’s different and funky. As for being an R56 below the beltline, wasn’t that about the same on the broadspeed? So what. If it works and looks good, which I think it does, then go for it. It means they can get this into production sooner and at less cost so it should help keep the price down.

    I would love to have one but with mostly performance oriented options only. I will have to say, though. I want that interior. I love the distressed leather look and the inserts.

    I would love to see that car in full black. I think it would would very menacing with the roof line and such. Plus it would help to downplay the funky dip in the roofline that some do not like.

    We’ll about then my ’06 will be paid off and I plan on keeping it. Maybe need one of these as a daily driver for a while.

  • that.guy

    I think we have the marketing tag line:

    The coupé with a toupee

  • colby

    A non-convertible sport car. Perfect. I hope the cutsie curve in the roof goes away.

  • jim m

    What is going on with the roof? I hope is better in real life.

  • greg

    The only thing that seperates this from the current R56 cabrio is the Mo Howard hair cut roof. As I feared Mini dropped the ball and went with a cheap chop job on the current car I don’t like. For me it will be hello Lotus Elise SC. This will eventually be a shrinking dot in my rear view mirror. Will be an improvement at that time I’d say.

  • rick

    i’ll be in the minority and say it looks horrible. the proportions are all wrong. looks like the car rolled over a few times and the roof and pillars got squashed.

  • Lee L

    I like it. Maybe a couple of tweaks to the roof line would be good.

    One thing I can’t quite grasp is the “perfect” weight distribution comment. They are taking a car that is well biased to the front and removing weight from the roof, which seems to now have less material in the rear. How does this help them achieve better distribution, unless perfect has been changed and is no longer 50/50?

  • As a 27 year old R56 owner who used to own an MR2 I really want to like this car. I love the idea and I love that MINI are giving it a go. However the looks will need to grow on me as currently I don’t like it. The current R56 feels like a more complete and sophisticated design and the coupe feels like a cheap hack, which I guess it literally is. Look forward to seeing the production version and hope in the meantime I grow to love it because I do crave for something different from MINI and this fits the bill. Thanks for the scoop MF…

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  • You could describe me as firmly in the R53 camp. Maybe not as zealous as some, I don’t HATE the R56, I just believe it failed to retain the magic of Frank Stephenson’s original design. And that the feel and ride dilution from the R53 feels like they pumped in a little Toyota robbing the drive of some the granularity the earlier model had in spades.

    That said, if it were not for my current economic situation (displaced financial pro), I like this design. A lot. Enough to think about how to get one into my garage next to my R53.

    If you were shopping TT’s you’d be an absolute fool not to look here first.

  • I like the look of this. Not 100% convinced that ‘toupe’ is the right thing but this is only a concept, right? Seems like that might be quite pricy to produce and may get streamlined a bit in the final production vehicle.

    Now, let’s talk about the interior. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Those seats are the coolest seats made for the MINI since the R53 IMHO. The leather is a sexy compliment to the ‘ribbed’ dash. The color is superb.

  • gokartride

    I’ll have to pass…looks horrid to me.

  • I think I’m in love?

  • OOOHHHHH, WTF, Hell YES……LOVE IT >>>> I could stop smiling just looking at the Pictures, and I thought nothing could get me out of my JCW…..I’m in love…Again.

  • Chad

    I like how it looks like a chopped car. Like someone could make this themselves in a decent shop.

  • Rob Livesey

    Touché Chad. It’s an R56 with my Sister’s ’98 Vauxhall Tigra roof grafted onto to it.

  • rkw
    This car will be coming out just before the R56 is replaced in two years.
    The thing we all have to remember is that this is a car that was created on a small budget by a small number of people. That meant it had to be completely based on the R56/R57 and use as many off the shelf parts as possible.

    I mentioned parallels with the GP, and this reinforces it. It will be a sendoff for the outgoing model in a special and unique version, but it is a quickly produced hack, just as the GP was.

    When first pics of the GP came out, comments were even more critical than what we’re seeing here.

  • Gary


    Agree with Eliot…this is a far superior design for the roof line. I like it a lot. Good work! I hope they’re watching…

  • Might as well get a slighty used Z4 coupe for a lot less.

  • cct1

    The GP was not a “quickly produced hack”, and it was a limited edition unlike this. No comparison really; the GP was not built for profit. It had significant performance upgrades not found on any other model. It was unique in it’s own way–wish I would have bought one.

  • Melis

    Coolest looking thing to come out of MINI evar! It looks like a Cooper with a chopped roof done aftermarket. And at the same time looks silly like a baby MINI toy.

  • BSUCardinalfan

    anyone else notice that the second to last picture shows a toggle for putting the top down?

    could this be what the roadster will look like, with that being a folding hardtop?

  • JonPD

    BSU from the construction there is no way that can be a folding hardtop. I would bet more than likely that its just an artifact of them using a off the shelf R57 toggle pack. No doubt they would leave that option off of the Coopster lol. I also am betting the Speedster will have a manually operated soft top.

    I can say as a GP owner this is the first car from Mini as of late that is really calling to me. Partially because of the 2 seat arrangement more in hopes that they use the Coopster to build a GP Mk2.

  • DaFlash

    The head on frontal shot is missing the “Hi” from the old Neon ads. The baseball cap/toupee roof needs to be painted black. Comparisons to the Audi TT is off the mark as that car is a step up in class. Not for me but kudos to MINI for being daring though.

  • bee1000

    For those wishing for a GP, last I checked Carmax had one with around 10,000 miles on it for $25,000. Best $25K you can spend on a Mini, I think.

    Did anyone see the mock-up did of the coupay in the past week? Maybe it’s too boring or too derivative of the TT (and/or Continental GT), but I think it looks better than Mini’s effort!

  • Beavers

    This is one very cool looking car…wearing a yarmulke.

  • Brian

    The mod by Appmacguy looks better to me. The curve on the toupee doesn’t fit it somehow. Maybe in person its better. I like the idea and hope it works out.

    Would it be possible to add a rear deck spoiler to a photoshop mod, kinda in the same angle as the roof spoiler? That might help.

  • JonPD

    I do have to say the look from behind with the spoiler is very nice. To my eye makes the car seem much lower and sleeker. Also love how they molded the roof into the spoiler. A most interesting fluidity of design. I would take that top in black however.

    The only angle that is really sticking right now for me is the low side shot. the design of the R57 body feels very flat with the top being smooth and flowing.

  • goat

    One more suggestion (as I do believe that BMW watches these comments for feedback from the MINI community):

    The redesigned interior coming in 2010 will undoubtedly be an improvement on the R56’s current design, but can MINI kindly give the coupe a bespoke centre console? Any sports coupe I have ever owned / driven (they are usually RWD) has a high centre console where your arm rests within easy reach of the shifter and the “driving compartment” is distinct. It can be done here quite well since the coupe will be a 2-seater and have a bulkhead (of sorts) behind the seats. What I really would like to see is a properly high console like in the BMW Z4, Mazda Miata and even RX8, Nissan Zcar, etc. And while you are at it, MINI, please drop the seat height a full inch or more! The low seating position and high centre console is integral to the “intimate and focused” interior ambiance that most sports car owners love so much. Don’t need to go to mk1 Audi TT extremes but since you already have high window sills and cowl on the R56 and have chopped the roof for the Coupe, the basic architecture should dictate lower seat cushion height and higher centre console. My two cents for filing with the designers that will eventually pen the production version of the Coupe.

  • JonPD

    Another question Gabe.

    Looking over the stats on this car I see its built with the R56/R57 frame. In the article you wrote:

    You said it was expected to have a wider track, is this still a possibility?

  • that cut line in the roof along the B pillar makes this car look like it wearing a hair piece.this design needs some work.

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  • CraigE

    It’s amazing how a little thing, like making all the dashboard and steering wheel controls black, changes the interior. It gives the interior a much more upscale look. Why couldn’t MINI do that from the start? Black faced gauges, like in the GP would be even better.

    I’m 6’6″ so I hope there is still adequate head room with the 2″ lower roofline. As long as the difference is similar to the R56 with and without the moonroof I should be fine.

  • Thanks to the poster that pointed out the calipers. Those are amazing!! I agree with everything the WRR said about it. Black roof will be so much better. I am glad Mini is going to bring back that novelty factor to the brand. Hopefully to cancel out the mainstream crossover that every company and their mom is designing.

    Rock on Mini! And Happy Birthday!

  • Micah

    I love it, and will seriously consider trading in my GP on the Coupe’. One request MINI: please put some aggressive, more heavily bolstered seats in this car.

  • Hope they make an option for a REAL cross brace in the back so you can mount race harnesses without a lot of hassle. Make it so it is just below the belt line so I can mount my HD camera on it too.

  • EZC

    The roof design is actually similar to the crossover concept car. I doubt that this roof is going to be on the production coupe since the countryman spy shot dont seems to have that either.Will know in 3 weeks.

  • Charise

    Provided it’s a hard-top, this will be my next car.

  • Ken

    The over all roof line is not well designed. The car its self lacks personality as if its trying to be something its not. The rear of the car makes no sense. Over sized Mary-Jane is the best description.

  • Dewey

    Very cool idea, look forward to seeing it in the flesh. However I hate the roof, simple fix, give the roof cap a straight side line and it will be perfect. But as it looks now that roof line is the deal breaker for me.

  • Nice.


    OK, I’m impressed. But then I bought my M coupe new when they first came out in 99 so some may question my taste. 😉 Keep this lighter than the current MCS, fix the center stack, and keep the price down and it will be parked next to my M coupe. Wonder how this blue will look next to Estoril Blue?


  • alpinamike

    I can’t wait to see the top function!

  • JonPD

    I am so looking forward to seeing this car in person. Just wishing they had included some video of the car in motion in the real world, hoping to see some of that soon. The next big thing I want to see is the rear hatch being open.

    Think your in luck Jim, the weight is documented being about 200lbs lighter, the car is coming out on the far side of the mid-phase redesign which has already been mentioned that most of which will be focused on the interior. As for you last question I think this will look almost as great parked next to your Bimmer as it will next to my GP heh.


    right on Jon. Now we wait to get them….

  • GSP

    If, as Gabe says, its a choice of this or nothing, then I have to chose “nothing”. This car looks outright goofy; the roof is simply a bad joke.

  • Mike

    I tried, but I don’t like it. I want to but I don’t. MINI needs to do two things to get back to reality:

    (1) Keep the current FWD R56 design but make it LIGHTER. This is a practical small sporty car that can seat more than two people. Once they reduce weight – make the JCW version even BETTER. It looks good now.

    (2) If they want to create a real high end “sportscar”, use the 1.6 JCW engine in a mid- engine lightweight RWD or 4WD platform and go nuts in true John Cooper fashion. Make it beat Nissan Z cars and Porsche Boxters and cost under $45,000. Chopping the top off a MINI and adding strange toupee is NOT innovation. It is more like decals and fake scoops.

  • r56mcs

    Build a RWD or AWD MINI. Fed up with FWD torque steer.

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