MINI Cooper SD (Diesel) To Debut in Geneva

We’ve reported that a Cooper SD was coming in the Spring of 2011 for quite some time, now we have semi-official proof. We’ve received word from an inside source that MINI will debut the Cooper SD in Geneva. Expect a web debut a little earlier sometime in Febuary.

Powered by a 2.0L 143 hp BMW turbo diesel, the new line will include the hatch, convertible, Clubman, Countryman and Countryman All4. We don’t have specific torque numbers (225 ft-lbs is rumored), but we’re told it’s the most torque to ever make it into a production MINI. Here’s the kicker: the Cooper SD will reportedly earn an impressive 65 mpg (on the EU cycle)!

Aside from the “SD” badge, there won’t be any exterior bodywork changes to differentiate the SD from its petrol-sipping Cooper S siblings, so think of it as torque incognito. Debuting in Geneva, the car will go on sale in March…in Europe and the UK. Due to EPA regulations it’s very doubtful we’ll ever see this car on US soil. But don’t worry, fans of efficient power in the US will soon have more options from MINI to choose from.

Written By: Nathaniel Salzman

  • Chris

    The torque ist 305 Nm (in German Messurements)

  • Mark

    Sigh. Get this over here MINIUSA. If VW/Audi can get their diesels federalized & make money then so can BMW.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1578971371 Steve Dellinger

    I agree with Mark!

  • Neil S

    Very excited for a day of comments explaining to MINIUSA why we need this here.

  • KipperFillets

    With petrol prices in the UK around £1.27/litre (~$7.62 US gallon) this is a very welcome addition to the MINI lineup. If I can get similar performance to my old R53 then it would be the way to go for my next MINI. Here in the UK we’re taxed on the emissions a car produces, so I just hope it’s not just cheaper to run but cleaner too.

  • r.burns

    Lucky Americans to be diesel free today…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=157700491 Ronald Campbell

    I’d pay $30,000 for a stock MINI SD right now on US soil.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1218137724 Makar Godun

    waiting for Paceman with this engine!

  • slap

    “Die to EPA regulations” – is that a Freudian slip?

    Also, is that 65mpg with imperial or US gallons? If it is imperial gallons, the us gallon equivalent is 52mpg – still very nice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.mallett1 Paul Mallett

    The big question: will the SD be more or less expensive than an S?

  • StephenS.

    BMW does have diesel cars in the USA. I saw some 2010’s at the local Northwest Dealership and they are quiet!

  • jbkONE

    I’m no automotive engineer, but how much can it cost to “federalize” a diesel car? Make it so it will pass the emissions test (that should be easy and cheap enough) and then ship one over and have it tested – that can’t cost too much. Where’s all the money? Someone please school me.

  • Axel

    WTF another BS from Mini, ok BMW DOES have Diesel vehicle in the likes of the 335d & X5d in the USA and they sell as soon as they come, down here in Puerto Rico they do not last long enough in the showrooms that be said, I personally test drove the 335d Inline 6 with turbodiesel WOW!! is all I can say. If Mini ever decided to bring them I would wait for it, beleive you me people will buy it also.

  • glangford

    I would drop a deposit down today for a us version.

  • alpinamike

    If this made it to the US, I believe many of us on MF would be diesel crazy. SD kind of looks like “super duty” ;)

    My guess for the MPG was 60’ish with the BMW 2.0. So I was close. Cant wait o se more engine pics, since this will be a packed MINI in the engine bay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=157700491 Ronald Campbell

    Is the picture a convertible?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000791186682 Brian Trampler

    I am so bummed by this. I would also put down a deposit on a diesel All4 to garage next to my Jeep Liberty diesel.

  • Mark O’Neill

    You can wish in one hand and have a diesel MINI in the other…

  • MINIme

    This is the engine the Countryman needs to be home run!

  • Michael

    VW, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes all have diesels in the US. Why can’t MINI do it. I drove a BMW diesel, and it was heavenly.

  • http://www.nathanielsalzman.com Nathaniel Salzman

    Business case not withstanding, there is definitely a unique market opportunity for a MINI diesel, especially in the Countryman. I’ve been looking around the web and even though Audi, Benz, BMW and others offer diesels, nobody offers the following combination:

    Manual transmission + (Diesel or 30+mpg) + AWD + <$40k

    That is, except MINI.

    Some, like Nissan and Audi, offer MT, but not with AWD. Some have both (Subaru), but the gas mileage is terrible. You can get a MT, AWD and the diesel from BMW, but currently only in the X5 in the USA, which will run you at least $52k (and only gets 26mpg). The 335d sedan is not available with Xdrive. So for anyone (like me) trying to hit that MT/MPG/AWD/$$ sweet spot, the Countryman All4 is it. Adding diesel to that equation and boosting that MPG up to 50+ would be fantastic. I’d buy one. Sadly though, I can’t buy the tens of thousands of cars it would take to make the business case.

  • Kurt

    I guess I will have to get a Volt or Leaf since mini will not bring a diesel to the USA. There is no reason they don’t. just using the EPA as an excuse. other have diesels here, mini could too. Buy something other then a Mini – and email mini about your new non-mini because they won’t bring a diesel here. Mini – last year, I bought a Yaris instead of a mini because you don’t have a diesel – True, I’m not joking – that was the reason!

    • http://www.nathanielsalzman.com Nathaniel Salzman
      There is no reason they don’t. just using the EPA as an excuse

      As has been explained many times before, It’s not because of a specific EPA regulation as much as the considerable expense of getting any new vehicle certified for compliance. There simply isn’t enough projected demand in the US market to make the business case. Put another way, MINI can’t bring the diesel to the states yet because they’ll likely lose money on it. And as much as we’d like them to introduce cars just to make us happy on MotoringFile, I’d rather they remain profitable, stable and doing business in the USA in the first place. Furthermore, MINI USA has told us more than once that they’d like nothing more than to bring the full lineup of MINI diesel powerplants to the states. But until the american market starts buying more diesel cars, it’s not going to happen. It’s really easy for us to assume or hope that a diesel would be successful here, but proving that to the accounting department at BMW is a much harder thing entirely.

  • http://fromthecontroltower.blogspot.com/ CV

    I want one of these!

  • hardingsan

    unfortunately, how does the american market show they are willing to buy diesel cars until the manufacturers start offering desirable ones?

    chicken or the egg…

  • http://www.facebook.com/fsaraiva Fillip Saraiva

    The cost to modify a drivetrain to meet EPA emissions can easily reach into the millions. Face it guys… MINI sold less than 50,000 cars total in the US market last year. Figuring in some additional sales, but also some cannibalization of existing models for people that would have otherwise purchased a MINI, there is just not enough potential volume to make it profitable. If they did offer it, MINI would have to charge a price premium so high that it would further limit their ability to sell the car.

    I think there is some hope though, but it will probably not happen until the next generation. If BMW continues to do well with diesels in the US, they might decide to certify their 2.0L diesel for the next generation 1er, 3er, X1, etc. and in that case it might suddenly be cost effective to also offer it in some MINI models.

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  • Larry

    Bring it to America in the Countryman ALL4.

  • Dr61

    The cost to meet US emissions can be high, but it will not be for a Mini SD because all the tech has already been developed by VW, Bosch and others for 2 liter sized diesels. VW/Audi are successful and making a profit on their 2 liter diesels.

    Bring it and I’ll buy one.

  • robble

    “We don’t have specific torque numbers (225 ft-lbs is rumored), but we’re told it’s the most torque to ever make it into a production MINI”

    Since the petrol S models are very easily putting out over 250lbs torque with ecu remapping, i wonder how much torque can be gotten from the diesel with a little tweaking.

  • GregW

    Reads like you guys have too much red tape and regulation to allow diesels on the road. Come on – someone make a call and start the ball rolling – somebody has to make it happen. Why wait?

  • Arbil

    Maybe if cars cost the same in the US as the rest of the world, MINI might be able to justify the costs involved. As long as they remain rediculously cheap, then I guess BMW don’t make enough??

    eg… in Aus, the starting price for a Cooper petrol manual is AUD$31,500 and a Cooper D starting price is AUD$34,750 and the USD & AUD are currently equal. Both models are 10k cheaper in the US!!!!!!!

    Our US counterparts should be thinking themselves lucky at how cheap they can buy cars AND the fuel to run them(currently about AUD$1.25/litre here in Aus)

  • Axel

    Nathaniel you are right, but cant they offer it as an option for buyers and that way they dont have to spend millions on it, since BMW trained their mechanics for. Case in point I went to Dominican Republic just 30 plane ride from Puerto Rico and I saw a VW Tourag with 2.0 liter Diesel and then again in the USA it only comes with the Jetta WTF aint it the same engine being used . Mini needs to make survey and see what the NEW american public wants the Diesel. My 02 MCS is is getting of age with 128k on it and I would love to see a Diesel in my Garage I am leaning on the 335d but I have to pay $10 in taxes here in the island and that is a big detractor, so if Mini would bring it here I would certainly buy it.

  • Axel

    oops I meant $10k on taxes

  • Hans

    I’m planning on not getting another MINI when it’s time to replace mine and about the only thing that could keep me with the brand would be a MINI with a BMW engine instead of the junk Prince engine (that’s been nothing but trouble for me) or a good diesel. With those numbers, it’s putting down similar power as a TDI golf with less weight and ideally able to be tuned more. Would be a lot of fun considering how powerful the TDI feels.

  • Alan Smithee

    I’m waiting for a MINI diesel in the US as well. VW/Audi successfully made a case for it in the Jetta/Golf/A3, so certainly BMW can make a case for the 3 MINI models, plus the 1- and 3- series, including the X1 and X3.

    Plus, MINI is going to come under pressure from the Golf and Focus ‘premium compact’ electric cars coming in the next couple years, more CR-Z models, etc. Not to mention there are rumors of the next generation Scirocco coming to the US (currently offered with a diesel) in VW’s strive for world dominance.

  • Bernie

    Maybe the next MINI along with the BMW 1 will come over with diesel.

  • Harry Dill

    Not seeing this car in U.S. is inexcusable and an absolute travesty!

  • Cpt John123

    will this come in greece :? :D

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