MINI’s Superbowl Commercial Debuts

The full 60 second version can be viewed after the jump.


  • Dean Cory says:

    Good use of Inuendo!

    Though I would have liked to see the conclusion of the Monster truck jump!

  • Brian says:

    HA!!!!! The sub was the best!!!!!!

  • Sean says:

    I was rolling! Loved it!

  • SidewaysEH! says:

    Well that was not only entertaining…but totally MINI as well!

    I’ve been to IKEA and done the exact same thing…while people with ordinary sedans just watched with amazment as I kept cramming stuff into the boot 😀

    well played MINI

  • Chilly says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, I thought it was really lame.

  • Vic says:

    Mini has lost focus…sad, truly sad.

  • dr says:

    It could have been worse….It could have been Dr. Bem

  • Kevin says:

    Give me a break, I don’t see how it was so offensive! This ad was totally MINI! Funny, clever, and cheeky, way to go MINIUSA!

  • minipuma says:

    That was funny as hell.

    I knew I could count on a bunch of uptight, indignant responses on here, too. Like clockwork.

  • Gugy says:

    I think the ad was weak. The only positive thing was that brunet. She is hot, for sure “Cram it in the Boot”. LOL

  • GregW says:

    What a waste of time and effort. Did nothing for me and I see that the Chev transformer ad got beeter reviews – and MINI used used that back in 2002/3.

  • MCSDCWGP06 says:

    Is it just me or did this years Superbowl not feel so super. 400 folks had to stand when they had paid for seats, two bland teams, national anthem screwed up, Black eyed peas should have gotten black eyes with a bag of frozen peas, fly over that no one in the stadium got to see, tailgate party outside the stadium that looked like a zombie gathering, lame duck award ceremony, bunch of TV commercials that lacked creativity, humor and sparkle except the VW darth vadar kid. That was cute. The rest including MINI forgettable. Best commercial I have seen is attached, and the most consistently good are for Guinness.

    I am hoping next year for it to be in Seattle, with Dave Grohl singing the national anthem, half-time act Ozzy Osbourne, and a MINI commercial showing some rally models tearing it up with hot chicks driving them in bikinis to a thunderous soundtrack.

    Now thats a show people!

  • KLF23 says:

    Not for me. It made the San Francisco Chronicle’s worst list.

    What happened to the monster truck?

  • rkw says:

    The ad was mildly amusing, just not Super Bowl material. The Super Bowl is considered to be the pinnacle of TV advertising. I was disappointed that this was the best they could do.

    A major flaw of the ad is that the double entendre of “boot” is lost on most Americans. Few Americans know that boot is a British term for the rear compartment in a car (actually I didn’t know this until I bought my MINI). In fact, I’d bet that the only MINI owners in America who actually use the term are those on MotoringFile and the forums. I searched the Owner’s Manual PDF (MINIUSA) and the word is nowhere to be found. Without knowing the double entendre, the ad just comes across as crude and adolescent.

    BTW, in using the term “boot”, are they trying to associate the Countryman with being British? It’s a German car built in Austria.

  • Mark says:

    MINI needs to spend some of that ad money they wasted to get their old ad agency back from VW. Their Darth Vader ad was in a different league altogether from MINI’s lame effort.

  • Carnell says:

    Comparing the MINI ad to other ads, especially other car ads, during the super bowl, I’d give it middle of the road marks. It didn’t blow me away but I didn’t think it stank either. *Sidenote: Those BFGoodrich commercials were hilarious though.

    My two cents: MINI even though I find the majority of your commercials funny I enjoy the driving = fun commercials you do much more than the “contrived fun” commercials you do. Dodging carts in the parking lot and the parking deck commercials were more appealing to me than, say, the monster truck one.

    Here’s an idea for when the coupe comes out, call it “Grocery Run” if you like. Picture various members of your target group in their respective homes. Now picture them doing random things just to get rid of groceries, all in the name of being able to say “Honey we’re out of milk!! Having their dog attack a bag of flour, pouring milk down into a flower pot, enlisting their kids to pelt one another with eggs, whatever. Essentially, showing the dumb things car enthusiasts will do for an excuse to get behind the wheel of their cars.

  • JackMac says:

    I did not like it at all. So you can fit stuff inside. And? How does that differentiate MINI from the competition?

    MINI should focus the advertisements for the Countryman towards small families. The ads should be clever and emphasize the values of the brand rather than the obnoxious attempt at humor which was shown last night.

    The VW ad was much better, and more memorable.

  • StephenS. says:

    Mini could have done more with their 30 second commercial other than that lame waste of time. It was offensive on several levels.

  • Neil S says:

    Crispin is still VW’s agency, and did the Darth Vader spot. Among others. And the MINI spot was 58 out of 61 on the USA Today ad poll:

  • Versus says:

    “USA TODAY assembled 282 adult volunteers in Bakersfield, Calif., and McLean, Va., and electronically charted their second-by-second reactions to ads during the Super Bowl. Shugoll Research and Trotta Associates chose the volunteers, who used handheld meters to register how much they liked each ad. A computer continuously averaged the scores. Scores are the highest average for each ad.”

    • Just in case anyone wants to know how they came up with those scores.

    Sidenote: How that “reading thoughts” Pepsi Max commercial got in the top 10 is beyond me.

  • Dave says:

    Didn’t like it one bit. I liked the Verizon Wireless commercial better. I can hear you now….

  • Spokane MINI says:

    I watched the Super Bowl primarily to see the MINI ad. What an embarrassment for most of us MINI owners! The BMW diesel ad was great and so was the new VW Beetle ad: both caught your attention, were funny and communicated the message so that you got it. Maybe MINIs target market for the Countryman is people who are primarily interested in hauling stuff and don’t care about the joy of driving.

  • Versus says:

    @ StephenS.

    Well, after looking at that chart I’ve come to this conclusion. You need animals, preferably a dog, a small child, and apparently you need to be marketing food or beverage. People can’t resist the combined cute factor.

  • Les says:

    No one has said it yet, but that girl is hot.

  • Dr Obnxs says:

    People HERE are talking about it. Personally, I give it a C+ at best.


  • Dr Obnxs says:

    Just asked my 6 year old what she thought about it: “It didn’t make sense and wasn’t funny.”

    And she likes MINIs!


  • JonPD says:

    I can’t believe for the money spent that MINI gained anything from this spot. No clear message other than you can put stuff in the back, which is really no different from the standard hatch and from hundreds of other hatches. Lacked a great deal of humor, predictable and was quite lacking overall. I think they would have been better off replaying Flow than showing this waste of advertising space. So far for the R60 I think flow is the only decent piece of advertising MINI has pulled off.

  • ScottinBend says:

    Yep…….badly done. Was offended and not even slightly ammused.

  • tomp says:

    dreadful…I was embarrassed for MINI USA……

  • bee1000 says:

    The ad did a poor job of communicating about the Countryman and it was tasteless. I guess that makes it a perfect Super Bowl ad!

  • otter says:

    Humor is something that rides a line between being dangerous and safe the interpretation of which varies greatly between demographics. I can see enjoying the humor of this ad when I was in middle school. What confuses me that I don’t believe that preadolescents represent a very large share of the car buying market, or do they?

  • Rob Collini says:

    O MY GOSH….. THAT WAS THE WORST, MOST PATHETIC COMMERCIAL MINI HAS EVER COME UP WITH. Peeps not “in” the MINI culture DO NOT GET IT…MY FRIENDS ALL SAID “And THAT is the company you represent..??…That was totally lame” Keep in mind the ENTIRE sportsbar went completely silent–NO BODY LAUGHED, WENT OOOO, OR AHHH…IT WAS SILENT.


  • JonPD says:

    The humor aside the message was pathetic, BMW did a much better job with their diesel commercial imo. MINIUSA think you should ask for your money back lol, then again I know MINIUSA bought off on this material which I think is even worse.

  • Rodney says:

    At the risk of being labeled old and uptight, I did not like it. I agree MINI needs to go back to their old advertising firm. I’ve seen two national polls and the MINI commercial was near the bottom of both. I guess a lot of people are old and uptight.

  • DanM says:

    I’m not impressed either.

    The beetle with the racing stripes was good though:

  • Pony Boy says:

    agreed with a poster above about it being a WIN simply because we are talking about it. seems like they felt like they had to try something OUT THERE to try and make an impression. we are talking about mini countryman today to there ya go (better to stir the pot than be boring, right?) Mini put up a YouTube voting app – tell them directly what you think –

  • Rixter says:

    Very underwhelmed. That was one stupid ad. Can’t they think of anything more original and less suggestive.

  • Michael says:

    Where was the stuff about the bulldog stance and how the MINI navigates the twisty bits? MINI have changed the brand image – Terrible.

  • Sean says:

    Cheeky suggestive humor, how un-British! It’s almost as if I’m hearing the comments of a bunch of high-brow BMW owners who’ve forgotten how to laugh at the funny things in life. C’mon guys!

    I’ll agree it was far from the best of the evening but I also don’t think it was “bad”, “terrible” or “embarrassing”

  • ftttuhzbmcs says:

    You can carry many items in the hardtop and Clubman with the seats down so what is any difference with the Countryman? What they should have promoted to the world was the AWD and 4 door capability. Like I posted on NAM, I would have liked the public to see a WRC Countryman tearing up some really tough roads and then cutting back and forth to an All4 doing similar type of motoring but what would be common to a regular motorer. Then show some shots of the NAV/Connected and then the 4 doors. Oh, they can even show references to the original Mini rally championships to show a link to the past. This commercial was one of MINI/BMW’s worst and was ridiculous.

  • msh441 says:

    For all those saying “tasteless”, or a “low” for MINI… you clearly have not seen much MINI advertising over the years (not that there’s bee a bunch in the US mainstream):

    …and here, from the later Rover days:

    ..and search for the old “Hammer & Coop” series shorts, just prior to the release of the R56. Those were all filled with retro-80’s innuendos and semi-sexist stuff.

    IMO = Lighten up and get a sence of humor. YOU DRIVE A MINI for god sakes!

  • Rick Roberts says:

    Eh. It was somewhat funny, but then the Countryman isn’t on my list of cars I want. If I were in the target audience for this type of vehicle, I might have been more receptive.

  • Versus says:

    3 million for a 30 second spot. I’m sure I’m stirring the pot adding this bit of info. I’ve gone to some other MINI forums and the like/dislike of this ad seems to be based around the age. Not that I find that surprising.

  • JonPD says:

    British humor, well agree on that. Still doesn’t do anything to sell the car. Rather funny though as the R60 is about as British as I am. Its a German engineered car built ins Austria with a faux British brand logo attached to it. Can surely think of better ways of MINIUSA blowing 3 million.

  • Captain says:

    Super Bowl, $3 Million, an opportunity…

    I was hoping to see a launch of some type of brand strategy that would carry throughout 2011 and perhaps into 2012. Had visions of all the cool things MINI has been working on in a montage, cutting from the impending deployment of the twins, to the WRC Countryman screaming around a corner with dirt flying, etc.

    Why not cultivate and excite your existing base while attracting new customers at the same time?

    This commerical came off as sophmoric, I found the whole thing annoying and forgettable. I am not asking to switch from jeans to business casual or business formal in the MINI PR departement, but humor can be done with taste and look professionally produced while moving the brand forward. IMO, this did nothing for the MINI brand, but give it a black eye.

    My grade for this effort: F-

  • James Irmiger says:

    The current status on USA Today’s Ad Meter places MINI at #58 of 61 ads reviewed, followed only by GoDaddy and two Hyundai Ads. That pretty much says everything.

  • Kevin says:

    Give me a break, I don’t see how it was so offensive! This ad was totally MINI! Funny, clever, and cheeky.. way to go MINIUSA!

  • Captain says:

    @ James – that is great company to keep, if you combine the two, tasteless ad and forgettable car commericals by Hyundai, you have the MINI commerical. I suppose MINI stayed out of last place becuase MINI was sucessful in marrying those two wonderful attributes.

  • Christy says:

    That was the unvavailable bench seat I saw, wasn’t it?

  • Aurel says:

    I am all for raunchy humor … heck, the sicker the better. It’s the execution and delivery that killed this one.

    Also, why must ALL MINI ads be funny?

  • Mike says:

    I hear the sequel is “Lick It Under the Bonnet!” I wasn’t offended by the ad, but I wasn’t impressed by any means either–scatological humor is lost on me because it isn’t very clever. I love MINI and wished a bit more for the brand that brings such a broad grin to my face. It didn’t need to be hysterical, clever or endearing would have worked–especially for a MINI. I think the new ad for the New Beetle was well done, when you consider that the company has tried (yes, we’ve seen the spy photos)to keep the car under a secure cloak of secrecy and did not wish to reveal the actual car in the segment. But, I think some of the all time most clever ads for an auto brand came out in the 80s, and they were for Honda. I’ve yet to see a manufacturer consistently approach what Honda had during that era.

  • JonPD says:

    Nothing about being uptight here Brian, rather sadden by a miserable attempt at advertising by the brand. I have already seen more than a few snarky remarks by non-MINI friends about the commercial and one common trend amongst them have said anything positive about it. One fellow did ask me whats next for the crapcar advertising?

  • Matt says:


  • Matthew says:

    I wasn’t offended, I just thought it was a bad commercial. VW’s Vader got my vote for best ad.

  • BobS says:

    Of all the great ads MINI has produced, they chose this one to air at the SuperBowel? (misspelling intentional) What a waste of $3M! I agree with Matthew – the Darth Vader VW ad was the best – the 1 minute version at yahoo video is even better.

  • robble says:

    I am neither old nor prudish nor uptight but i thought this commercial sucked.

    Seriously, mini needs to fire their ad company. They had very few good ads since they lost the old one to VW (which now has great ads).

    This commercial just fell flat – and yes, it ranked #58 of 61 exactly where it deserved to be. You notice VW got a #3 spot with MINIs old advertising company?

    MINI – get a new campaign company!

  • MGAFF says:

    Horrible! I remember when MINI had class and the cars were, I don’t know… mini. It is sad really to watch the decline.

  • dizylizzy says:

    I thought it was very funny, and very british. If you’ve ever seen Graham Norton on BBC/BBC America, this has a similar feel to it. Yeah it may have had some innuendos but so does a lot of British comdedy.

  • HorizonMINI says:

    Was not impressed.. Should have used the “Flow” commercial for superbowl.. or that new ad that’s supposed to be in theaters..

  • MINI-mini says:

    Oh yeah.. the VW commercial was awesome!! oh wait.. didn’t that marketing team USED to work for MINI?

  • Michael says:

    I didn’t care for the ad, not bc of the “humor” but for the fact it was worthless for brand image- MINI claims to be “premium” (I argue it is not) and how does trashy humor with a day time game show look say premium? It had no purpose except to offend or at least get comments on- no one is buying a Countryman for the ad. VW and BMW nailed it- dare I say the Kia “Epic journey” was almost touting premium?

    The MINI commercial may have been recycled from a UK RV ad.

  • Jim says:

    Sad but most people OUTSIDE the MINI community thought it was stupid….they didnt understand The Boot!! So, the whole joke got lost in translation.

  • KPH says:

    The VW commercial generated an echo all across the national and local morning shows and evening news. FREE. While the MINI ad was echoing all over…here.

  • Ralph says:

    Today at work, co-workers kept asking me about the Mini commercial and all thought that it was the worst commercial shown for the Super Bowl. It is lame. It’s what I would call 3rd grade humor or a weak parody of 1970’s game show. Of course, humor these days on TV or in the movies is usually dumb. Comedy went downhill with the movie Water boy (total idiocy)

    Now I thought the VW – Darth Vader (kid) commercial was one of the best.

  • jbkONE says:

    WOW!! 81 Comments! this must be a topic you guys really care about. I don’t remember the last time I saw 81 comments on a post!

  • Blackballed says:

    Yes we all need to get on the bandwagon of weiner n fart jokes incorporated into the national media. It’s so progressive.

    I’m sure other premium brands will follow suit. Soon Merecedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, ect will exclusively market their cars during Family Guy, Archer, and South Park.

    All you people with standards of public decency are holding the nation back!

  • JonPD says:

    How about those of us that are offended by MINIUSA spending 3 million to show the people in the US that you can put a sub sandwich, a cake etc etc into the hatch of a MINI. I am sure millions of viewers with various hatchbacks never conceived that they could stuff the back of their cars. 😉

  • Nick says:

    Well I liked two things about the commercial. The Countryman looked good and you can carry more stuff in it. As far as the way the message was delivered not good; too easy and very low class.

  • Matthew says:


    You point out some terrific former MINI advertising, which demonstrates MINI can walk the line, entertain, and be “effective”.

    I think that’s the point a lot of us were making: We weren’t offended by the hook, we were put off by the quality of the ad.  In the context of a SB ad, keeping the cost and the enormous viewership at front of mind, MINI failed.

    Disagree? You’re in the vast minority of viewers. The proof is in the pudding: see the nationwide polling.  MINI scored among the worst ads aired.  

    We’re talking about the SB.  Competition is just as stiff for the most popular ad as it is for the worst ad, and MINI nearly walked off the field with the trophy in the later category.

    As we know, MINI has always been about the driving and ownership experience. It’s bloody fun! Obsessively so. That’s not its only distinguishing factor, but the MINI ads that “win” demonstrate this fact in combination with humor.

    Get the Countryman moving, make it amusing, memorable, mildly offensive is fine, but above all, demonstrate what makes MINI so irresistible.

    IMVHO, MINI crammed that opportunity directly in their boot.

  • jon says:

    I wasn’t offended and I think of myself as opened minded but I failed to see the humor in this ad. It was extremely lame and shows their ad agency is really scraping the barrel for ideas.

  • Hoover says:

    I laughed. But I also raised my eyebrows a bit. I’m no advertising genius, but I’m guessing that a goal for any ad is to highlight a benefit of owning that product. In the case of a new product, I would think that you would want to build excitement for that product, and perhaps highlight how this new offering is different from what many already know about the brand. My very subjective take away from this ad: I can haul stuff in this MINI.

    “Flow” (which I felt was brilliant, but was criticized for showing “reckless” driving): the Countryman is sporty fun.

    The “monster” ad (very funny, but the weakest of these three IMHO): look at the range of MINI vehicles.

    As to the latter, a more successful demonstration of the range is the “Never the Same Drill” ad. Too long for the Super Bowl, but it could be tightened up for a minute long spot: There is a MINI model for everyone, and, whichever one you choose, you can make it uniquely yours.

    Just throwing my 2 cents into the $1.80 pot.

  • Hoover says:

    Oh, and its getting ugly in here. What is up with the personal attacks?

    If we are going to compare this ad to others, I think KPH sums up the success of this ad best:

    The VW commercial generated an echo all across the national and local morning shows and evening news. FREE. While the MINI ad was echoing all over…here.
  • msh441 says:


    To be more specific… no, I sort of thought the ad was “meh”. Not their funniest work. But not the worst, or potentially most “morally offensive” out there, either. Overall a “C”, IMO. They could have done better, but I wouldn’t boycott MINI, either for a silly ad.

    I think if I had a tween, or teen daughter and was prone to knee-jerk moralistic reactions, I would be up in arms over Fergie’s outfit, or suggestive gyrations on stage… but then again, I would likley still be boycotting the Superbowl after seeing Janet Jackson’s tit a few years back.

    …of course, being me, I instead Googled it for a better look. 😉

  • Versus says:

    As much as I’d like to see this post get into triple digits, how about we all agree to disagree.

    At this point I think we can all say that the commercial was attempting to be funny. Whether you felt the goal was reached or it was missed gloriously there’s no point in being incendiary or contentious just because you can. I believe we all want to see MINI do well and we all would like their commercials express to the general public what we see in them everyday.

    I can understand being letdown, disappointed or otherwise by the commercial. I just don’t think your stance on this commercial is something worth alienating yourself or offending others over.

    A debate is good, but personal attacks and/or snarky comments just muddy the waters for everyone.

  • glangford says:

    Given that Mini touts its cars as premium small cars geared toward the mid to upper income bracket, I had to scratch my head about what demographic the commercial was geared toward. Seems totally not in line with the pricing and other marketing for the car. I was in fact somewhat offended.

    I would have expected a commercial more geared toward the ‘Mini experience’ and attributes of the car. Instead I learned nothing additional about the car that I couldn’t do with a Honda Fit, Mazda 3, VW Golf, VW GTI, Kia Soul, Kia Spectra Hatback, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Yaris, Scion XD and C, and I’m sure I left some other hatchbacks out.

  • rkw says:

    I’d be interested to hear Gabe’s comments from his perspective in the advertising industry.

    I’ll say this much. I’d willingly watch the VW Beetle ad a “bootload” of times. I have no desire to watch the Countryman ad ever again.

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