New MINI Special Edition: The MINI Rauno

In the past two years, MINI has come back to racing in a big way. With several WRC podium finishes last year and a dominating win of this year’s Dakar Rally, MINI has made its re-entry into motorsports in a big way. I say re-entry because MINI made a name for itself in Rally racing nearly 50 years ago when it took the Monte Carlo not once, not twice, but three times. To MINI fans it’s a familiar story and along with it is a familiar name: Rauno Aaltonen — the man behind the wheel.

Now MINI is honoring Rauno with a special edition MINI Hardtop. Clad exclusively in Chili Red with white accents throughout, the car pays homage to the original Monte Carlo Mini contender. A pair of white racing stripes travel up the bonnet and down the boot lid, while white and checkered side stripes and rally-inspired driving lights come as standard round out the look. There’s even a white scoop (Cooper S) and a set of 17″ “Infinity Stream Spoke” wheels. Inside you’ll find red accent rings in the steering wheel and speedo, which also features Rauno’s signature.

I must say, it just looks terrific. Harkening back to MINI’s first special edition, the MC40, these classic colors and nice touches really make this special edition stand out from models MINI has done in the past. Rather than being fashion oriented, this car is paying homage to MINI’s racing history and honoring a man who to this day is one of MINI’s most interesting and cheerful ambassadors. I’ve had the great privilege of connecting with Rauno at several MINI events and was lucky enough to get some seat time with him in both the MINI Coupe and a classic Mini Cooper S. So I must admit, this car is genuinely tempting. No word yet on if it will come to the US or not. Like most of MINI’s special editions it’s unlikely. However, for anyone who is lucky enough to get their hand on one, there’s a special treat baked into the price of the car: a day rally driving instruction at the Aaltonen ice racing school.

So cheers, Rauno! It’s a terrific-looking car. Thanks for lending it your name and thanks for all that you’ve done for Mini, MINI and fans alike.

P.S. My double-clutching has gotten much, much better. Thanks, Rauno.

[Source: German Car Scene]

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  • b-

    A great looking car!  It would be better of the wheels were white too!


      Umm unless I am drunk (not today) the wheels look to be white in the photos.

  • Beautiful MINI!

  • John

    I like it but rather than sticking stuff on this CM that already exists in the MINI packaging they should have gone all out and produced a limited edition car like the new WRC car.  Lowered with the bodykit, etc.  That car looks badass!

    • Anonymous

      You do realize the WRC cars shares very little with the CM right? That seems less than practical or financially possible. Do people not look at images or read what Nathaniel wrote? This is a MINI HARDTOP package- has nothing to do with the CM!

      Plus Rauno is a throw back to original Mini in racing and this is more inline with that. This package works well and is much like the original MC40- huge success. Much better than the Mayfair et. al. 

      • Anonymous

        You are one badass take no prisoners kinda guy! Rave on!

        • Jerry

          Using the word “badass” TWICE sure is, well….badass!!!

  • Dusty

    It would be nice to see some special editions in the Countryman as well.  

  • JonPD

    Good looking car. Would love to experience a ice drivng clinic with  Rauno and his son at the Aaltonen ice racing school. I know like most MINI specials is moslty stickers but still good looking Countryman.

    • JonPD

      ACK Clubman……..

      Sorry to mention the R60 at all lol

  • :O I want that steering wheel!

  • Brian

    Has to be one of the best all-around looking packages. White hood scoop! Good one. And the wheels look white to me too.

  • I’m within ten months of paying my current Cooper S off. MINI, you’re not helping.

  • Aurel

    Fantastic … done with style. A little goes a long way.

  • CV

    I like the side stripes and scuttles, but the red interior bits are even better!

  • R Burns

    JCW suspension ?