The Puma MINI Cooper S


Concept PUMA MINI Cooper S
The [recent MINI_Motion] collaboration also allowed PUMA's design team to 'style' a MINI. The PUMA design team not only to put their inimitable mark on the car's exterior, but also cleverly integrated innovative footwear technologies into the interior. The result is a PUMA-enhanced car that puts a unique twist on the MINI driving experience.


p> Innovative Shoe Technology in a Car
A key element of the PUMA MINI is the application of PUMA's air mesh footwear technology to the car's seats. Typically used in sports shoes for its comfort and breathable shock absorption properties, the air mesh provides a fresh new look and feel to the car interior.

On the exterior, yellow tinted windows mark this MINI as something unique and this look is set off by a PUMA formstrip that begins at front wheel arch and extends to the rear of the vehicle. The tonal detailing of the formstrip offers a subtle reference to PUMA's signature look.

Coming To America
The PUMA MINI Cooper S will be showcased at PUMA flagship stores in New York, South Cost Plaza, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and San Francisco, while the European tour travels to Frankfurt, Milan and London. During the in-store promotion, consumers are invited to enter the car and sit behind the wheel of the PUMA concept MINI to experience MINI “in motion”.

  • not to nit-pick, but where's the bonnet scoop?

  • details details details…

  • Shawnster

    I like the stripe , but the yellow tint is a bit wierd.

  • Using mesh in the seating is an intriguing idea. Sort of like installing your Aeron chair in your car. It's said that Mercedes uses mesh in the same way that Henry Miller does.

    I would like to see silver tinted windows – the yellow doesn't do much for me.

  • Donna

    I really like that look!

  • Robert Ballard

    That's not an “S”!

  • I believe it's actually a photoshopped version of what the car will look like and someone forgot to photoshop an MCS instead of a MC. All the press released refer to it as a MCS.

  • mark lis

    hello i am intrested in this Concept PUMA MINI Cooper S,i will like you to contat me asap with the cost and i will like you to ship it to me to by sea to ghana west africa(tema harbour)i will pay you with my visa shipping address is 78/5 new town hill street,accra ghana west africa.00233. mark lis

  • Pamela

    Does anyone know where I can rent a mini for 6/18-6/20? I made a reservation at exotic cars in Manhattan, but they lied (bait & switch). I could pick up any where between Baltimore and Manhattan.


  • sintch\

    I like it but yellow tint is a little to much

  • Sagar