Woman Pays $18k Extra for Pink MINI

Color coordination sometimes can cost a bit of money.

Update: Finally we've found a photo: Warning Pink MINI.

  • R
    1. Never could find the story when I linked to the Mirror.

    2. I thought it was 10K?


  • Joe

    would be funny if pink was offered in 2005!

  • Pete



    The only pink mini that I know of, is in Vancouver. I can't find any back story, but I think it was part of a promotion.

  • Frank

    Someone in Hawaii owns a Cooper painted in aftermarket hot Pink Metallic with white roof. The pics were posted in NAM last year and the paint job was excellent…the paint look factory finish.

    Pink is not my cup of tea, but a metallic pink paint finish would look really nice in a Cooper as demonstrated in that Hawaiian MINI.

  • it was ten thousand English Pounds or about $18,000.

  • pud

    two words… MUCHO DINERO!!!! this lady is nuts to pay that amount. 😛 Too much For pudder.


  • There's a pink MINI in Vegas. Owned and driven by Penn Jillette (of magicians/comedians Penn & Teller fame). Maybe not a light pink as the photos above on the vanc site, but it is officially “stripper pink”. I've heard all of Penn's vehicles are that color.

    Check here for a couple of shots: http://www.aminivacationinvegas.com/PhotoGallery/__RobCarverPennDom.jpg


  • kristie

    i always wanted a pink mini…i never thought anyone besides myself would want something like that..

  • im only 15 but im mad about pink minis! im not sure wether id pay that much tho lol nvm i love minis xxxxloRaxxx

  • La Quinta

    WOW I wish I had that kind of money I have to wait a long time I’m ony 15

  • sofi

    that mini is d best!!!!just wait until this time next year and there will be an even better pink mini cruising d streets!

  • leka

    i want more pink cars and thay have to be pink.

  • lo lu

    i want a pink mini 2! neva thought no1 else wud! im only 16 but beware this time nxt yr….(well i can dream!)

  • minni fan

    i love minni coopers and i have always wanted a hot pink cooper complete with a large white daisy on the bonet off center and twoards the drivers side!!! it’s my dream and i cant wait to buy one. i’m only fourteen but for the past four years i have saved for a car and if i continue saving untill i’m 17 then i can buy it. it is so good to know there are other pink mini cooper fans

  • Charlotte Grundy

    where do you get pink minis i am absoulte smitte want it pink with a white roof and white side mirror caps with white interior and the stripes down da side are white 2 lol bt how can u get t at the o its jst a fantasy awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Kathryn McLeod

    I have a pink mini that I am trying to sell. It was rebuilt in 2002 so is in pretty good condition. I don’t expect to get £10,000 for it though! Maybe closer to £2,000. It is shocking pink with black trim.

  • Kathryn McLeod

    It is on the UK ebay for a week. Look now!!!

  • pinkmini

    my nick name has always been pinkmini….and i use it for EVERYTHING….and i have always waited for there to ba a pinkmini….and i always promised that when there was…id be the first to buy it…. i know im only 16…well 17 later this year…but im sure ill be able to make my dreams come true…. 🙂

  • aimee scott

    omg i wnt a onk mini so much lol i cnt w8 till im 17 but thts like 2 yrs away but i wnt a pink 1 with a checked roof so they better start sellin thum 🙂 XX

  • The future of our planet. You saw it here first, folks. sigh

  • pinky

    i love minis 2 bits and i want a pink mini so bad!!! i love pink and i love minis that is perfect match in ma eyes buti only 15!! but i will get ma mini

  • ****xx sade xx****

    ive just read sumwhere that in 2006 there are cancelling the electric blue mini. im gutted i reli wanted it with baby pink interior can sum1 send sum more links for pink minis?

  • emma

    id pay that for my minni to be pink blatantly its well worth it

  • emma

    when im 17 i hope i get a pink minni i dont no nany one else who wants one but i reckon it would be great bright pink

  • Katie Neale

    Cool. The Carphone Warehouse is offering a competition to win a pink mini. Check this out:


  • Hi,

    I have created a pink Mini for Miss Foxy!

    Have a look… I will add wallpaper of Miss Foxy in her Mini soon.


  • kathryn

    I have a pink mini too!!! Its a Classic 1987 Austin Mini that used to be white but i had it sprayed pink!!! i love it!! its got pink seat covers too!! have been offerd £10k to sell it!!!

  • I thought I commented over here before but I don’t see that I did. I’m a pink Mini owner as well. I’ve got the new Mini and she’s a beauty. 4 candy coats with tons of metal flake. She’s like a pink shiney disco ball and prettier than a grandma dressed in her best sparkly clothes! Yay for pink Minis. PS no it’s not cheap to paint one pink, especially if you do it right.

  • shezney

    Hey Stoopgirl, Did you have your car on nthe net? cause I’ve got a fantastic pink mini with all the trimmings as my wallpaper x

    Big up for pink mini’s xx

  • k

    i have just brought a hot pink metalic mini, its my dream car, shes lovely. x